Dreaming while being long asleep is already a weird thing that one can experience. After all those drama, hard works and busy schedule when you finally get some long cherished sleep, you start to move around somewhere with all your senses is really tiring, and on the top of that you can’t really control them at all! There are plentiful of things that you may experience through your dreams. Sometimes they are mysterious, sometimes eye-opening or sometimes you feel like living in hell while having the worst nightmare. Its pretty uncertain what you are going to see after you fall asleep. Though there are lots of things you can’t have control over in your dreams but there are some certain facts which are common when we talk about dreaming. These common facts are, to some extent very weird and amazing at the same time.

baby dreaming

Sometimes senses which work while dreaming become so realistic that you may get confused that if you are dreaming or not. To make sure, if you can, try reading something or try to figure out the time. The most awkward thing about dreaming is, you can’t read or tell what time it is in your dream. At least you can comfort yourself from the stresses of being late as there’s no time thing!

sweet dream

Tired of falling or having car crashes in your dreams? You can try hard to practice your actions and movements in your dreams, it’s called lucid dreaming. As dreams widely depends on your subconscious mind, if you try having controls over your subconscious you can control your dreams too. Engaging your subconscious mind with your conscious one can bring positive results too! It may sound funny though, but people invented lots of things in their dreams. The periodic table, DNA’s double helix, alternating current generators and even Google just to name a few. Its not that only good things come out of dreams but bad things too. Some people can get hints of disasters, either meant to happen with them or to the world, in their dreams. For a similar reason, many of us feel incidents or situations that they have faced earlier which we know as “Déjà vu”.

dream girl

Dreaming can make human do abnormal activities too. One of them is REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep Disorder. This abnormality makes the dreamer to act out their dreams which results in broken arms or legs or they can even burn down their house, as reported. When reached to the extreme end, people start to walk around in their sleep which we know as sleepwalking. People can swim, drive and even kill people in this stage. Dangerous and obviously weird game of brain! Another well recognized sleeping disorder is “Sleep Paralysis”, where the person who was sleeping wakes up completely but do not regain the control over his/her body. That was enough to scare the hell out of you, but sleep paralysis comes with another hell along with it. The victims of this phenomenon repeatedly reported that there exists another scary feeling of evil presence chasing them which make them want to scream out of their lungs but they barely can breathe at that moment.

gloomy eyes

You know or have seen everybody those appear in your dreams. Even if you find some strange or unknown face in your dream you surely have seen them somewhere because human brain is unable to make up faces. And not all of them are in HD print with ultra color effect; most dreams are black and white. But don’t conclude that blind people don’t dream. They also dream, obviously not by seeing things. Blind people have the same senses they use to feel in their real life in their dreams. And the most weird fact about dream? Its not only human trait, animals dream too!