The drug addiction statistics and facts are surprising and there is no doubt that it is high time that the problem of addiction in young adults is attended on a high-alert basis. Here are some of the horrendous statistics that make us look at the situation from a different angle:

  1. • Over five percent of senior classmen at various high schools across the nation have used meth at least once in their short lifetime.
  2. • Over half a million teen has accepted to have had cocaine in once their lifetime, be it voluntarily or by force.
  3. • Student’s access to intoxicating substances is known to have increased by 10-15% in the last 12 months.

Well, if this does not make you worry about your ward, nothing will. The rate of drug addiction in teens is rising horrifically and if not treated in time, it will create a situation which will be tough to treat.

Luckily, there are many effective drug addiction treatment programs for young adults that are acclaimed to offer 100% rehab from substance abuse tendencies. Even the young addicts are willing to embrace their programs considering that it is just the start of their life and they cannot just sacrifice it to addiction.

If you too are looking forward to joining a rehab for your addiction, here are some of the benefits that you can reap from an addiction treatment for teens:

Benefits of drug addiction:

• Personalized care and treatment:

The three pillars of an efficient drug addiction rehab program are diagnostic testing, psychological assessments, and physical exams. These tests help the professionals in identifying individual needs for treatment and make tailor-made programs. The therapies are thus made to work best with individual addict needs, learning styles, choice of drug, duration of abuse and more aspect of addiction.

• Support:

Ideal rehabilitation programs for young adults focus high importance on the support system and thus incorporate peers, friends & family in the process. The 12-step meeting program is a fine example of the inclusion of support element in the rehabilitation program.

• Training for practical life skills:

The rehab programs have a futuristic view and thus they focus more on the life after the addiction treatment. For this, they train the individuals in many practical life skills that help them live in sober and productive manner. The skills included in the program are anger management, stress dealing, decision making, time management, communication, coping mechanism.

• Psychological treatment:

It is very important to treat the psychological aspect of addiction to ensure early recovery. A rehab program has one-to-one therapy sessions that help addicts in overcoming their mental weakness and dealing with the addiction more determinedly.

• Transitional planning:

A report of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that 40-60 percent of people seeking drug addiction treatment are highly vulnerable to the risk of relapse. In the transitional planning phase, an addict and a specialist come together to find proactive solutions for any craving or temptations that the individual might have to face once he/she is out of the rehab.

• Aftercare Service:

The advanced practices of drug treatment program for young adults focus more on aftercare. Alumni meet, emails, newsletters, occasional meetings, and consultations are some of the ways rehab centers use to ensure complete compliance with the program.

Registering for a rehab is the best & quickest solution to get rid of a nasty drug addiction. It should be the ideal modus operandi if you or any of your loved teenagers are into drug addiction and searching way out of the dirty world of drugs and other substances.