Everything You Need To Know About Papads And its Importance In The Indian Cuisine

The Indian food culture is particularly famous for its extensive variety of food items and generous use of spices. But if there is one food item that is everywhere as it is unique then it has to be the papad. It is a sort of condiment that comes in different shapes and sizes based on the place of origin. It is referred to by many names like papad, appalam, happala, and poppadom. Papads are very much a favorite among people of all age groups. People today prefer to buy Papad online as they get access to quality products.

History of papad

The history of the papad is centuries old and its mention can be found in Buddhist Jain canonical literature. According to historical records papad is more than 1500 old recipes. In the early times, people also used sundried vegetables as a papad. The Marwari Jain community prefers to dry vegetables and store them away in big dabbas. It was a practice many hundred years ago which is believed to have eventually transformed into what people know today as a papad. 

In India, Moong dal papad is not just a food item but it has evolved into a social enterprise that provided income to over 40000 women across the country. In the earlier days, papad-making was one such industry that gave women employment and income.

Papad making was quite common in the past but has transformed significantly as the taste and approaches of people change. Most people would admit that having a papad was an intrinsic part of their childhood memories. However, making papad at home is not quite easy. It was quite difficult as the women would stay up in the summer sun to make papad. And to make things harder papad in India has a different shape, size, and taste depending on the geographical origin.

Culinary use of papad in Indian cooking

Papad is typically served alongside any kind of meal in India. People also like to eat it as an appetizer or a snack and can be eaten with various toppings such as chopped onions, chutney, or other dips. In Rajasthan cuisine, papad curry or papad ki sabzi is quite common. In this dish, the papad is soaked in curry which makes for an excellent dish.

As is known to everyone papad are delicate and thin discs that can either be spiced or unspiced. Similarly, traditionally people love to enjoy papad with a selection of chutneys. Since papad accompanies all sources of Indian meals. Mint chutney complements the taste of unspiced papad.  Papad is a popular food across the country. Manufacturers offer a wide range of flavored papads like black paper, cumin, clove, red and green chili, cardamom, and other spices. Some people even use crushed raw papad as a coating for kebabs and tikkis. The availability of Papad online has made it even more popular among the customers

How to store papad

Chana dal papad is best stored in a tight container for at least 1 year. Occasionally they are put in an airy place so that it is preserved better. Although perishable it is best to purchase papad in small amounts regularly as necessary. Households can now purchase Papad online which makes things even more convenient.

Health benefits of papad

Papad is typically made from flours made out of dals and most of the varieties are a good source of protein and fiber. They are free from gluten and can be consumed by people with gluten intolerance.

Manufacturers are now offering varieties of Papad online so that they can cater to the unique needs of customers from all corners of the country.

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