escape room sao paulo


Are you willing to challenge? If yes then here is one of the most challenging game Escape the Room. This game is all about mystery and challenges. If you have a challenging skill then you should play this game to check your skills. This game is something beyond your imagination. In this, you can experience each and everything by your own self by touching, running or even skipping. There will be a time allotted to every player of this game and in this limited time, you will have to finish the game.


Escape the room has also some rules and regulation which you should follow to win this game. For playing this game, it is not like that, you have a mind like Einstein just an active mind and you will become the champion of this game. It is a theme game and every theme will challenge you to find the clue from it. There is a room in which you will lock and every room will design according to the particular theme. These themes may be horror, jail or laboratory base theme. You will have to check each and every things of the room because you have no idea where the clue is. When you will be successful in finding one clue then you will reach to the next stage where you will find another clue. That stage may be the another room and then by finding clues one by one you will reach to the final stage and it will the last door of the game through which you can escape outside the room.


An escape room is a time-based game in which you will work with your team and you should have good communication skills through which you can collaborate with your team members and successful in winning this game. You are not allow to bring with you any pen, pencil, paper, camera or mobile phone. These things are strictly forbid in this game. The thing which will require in the game will provide you by the game master of the game and you are fully check by the operators through hidden cameras in the room so be careful! You are only allow to bring 2 to 20 members in your team. And every team member should have one 16-year-old member in it. Once you play this game then I am sure that you will get addicted to it and want it to play again and again.


This game is not only for those who play video games. If you are not a gamer then you can also play this game. Sometimes you are busy in work and want to take some break and rest form your busy schedule then this game is best advice for you. You can play this game with your family or friends and in this way, you will able to give some time to your family or friends from your busy routine.