Kate Middleton- a strong, confident and enduring fashion image comes in mind hearing this name. The Duchess joined the Royal Family in 2011 and since then her fashion style has been the most prominent one for ladies of different ages from all over the world. Last year she was voted the “UK’s most influential style icon” by Rakuten Marketing! She is a beauty from head-to-toe and has an elegant sense of style.

Her love for high street fashion and British designer has an everlasting influence on fashion loving people. Kate Middleton has a clout to sell out any fashion product in seconds which is extensively known as the “Kate Effect”. There are many reasons behind her sartorial success. For instance-

Duchess-of-Cambridge kate

Being Extraordinarily Ordinary-

The Duchess gives a feeling that she is one of us by looking astonishingly simple and beautiful. She wears floral LK Bennett dress for royal couple visit to Luton. Her love for high street products makes special place for her in our heart as well in the vendors. Her favorite labels include Topshop and Hobbs, Zara, Gap, LK Bennett, Reiss, Monsoon. She has done a great deal for high street sales than any other celebrity. As a result anyone can follow her fashion from head-to-toe and thus making her a fashion idol.


Timeless Fashion-

Kate never follows common fashion trends rather she has her own fashion time. She dresses according to her choice, mood and the type of program she will be attending. This classic sense of fashion appeals to working women, stylish moms and young girls as well. Her tailored dresses, fitted jackets, comfy shoes are ready-to-go with anyone at any time

Kate’s Bouncy Hair-

Kate’s hair could be inspiration of prodigious poetry. She has brought back the long hair trend in no time. Her hair dresser Richard Ward is now the unofficial king of perfect blow dry as anyone can follow Kate’s six step bouncy blow dry look at home. Her exquisite hair is all we want secretly.


Kate’s Sunglasses-

Being a timeless classy woman Kate has little affection for sunglasses but the Givenchy sun Protectors she was wearing at the Olympics blew our minds.

Love for Accessories-

Kate loves simple accessories and for sure the accessories she wears love her back as well cause the way she boutsthem seems to be the finest way to endue. Kate has never talked much about the ring she was given by Prince William but still it has turned out to be one of the most prominent piece of jewels in the world. The maple leaf brooch she wore on her visit to Canada was gorgeous. Kate’s choice of bags has brought about a marvelous change in the fashion era.

Kate’s Shoe Diaries-

Though Kate’s footwear preferences are not always hands-on but the way she wears has made everyone fall in love with her classic fashion sense. The Duchess wore a pair of Le Chameau boots on a charity camping trim and the brand experienced 56% year-on-year increase. It is not surprising that her fans rushed to Jimmy Choo stores to buy glittery and sky-high Jimmy choo Vamp Heels she wore. Kate’s cross match shoe and dress has captured every fashion lover’s attention.

kate in colors

Love for Color-

When it comes to color nothing is too bright or bold for the Duchess Kate Middleton. She wears black, blue, white, yellow and what not. Her olive skin allows her to wear any color and she looks prettier in every one of them. The color green suits no other person in the world better than her. The eye popping purple she wore on her visit to Canada took everyone’s breath away.

kate in tradition

Respect for Culture-

Kate never takes fashion too seriously yet she is the best at it. She often speaks about her attires in interviews and never wears anything that does not go with the culture. She wore a cultural dress on a dance performance in Malaysia which shows that respect for culture is more important than the way she like to dress up.

Introducing Niche Brands-

Kate’s love for British products is astonishing. She has even introduced us with many niche brands like Aquatalia, Sabago, Smyth, Saloni, Beulah London, Epinone, Le Chameau etc. Most of us has never heard before about these brands but these brands are having increase in profit since Kate started wearing it and this is ultimately affecting the fashion industry economy positively according to many people.