Dubai Desert Safari – Essential tips for better experience in Dubai deserts.


Though Dubai is known as a modern age mega city, it still preserves its genuineness as a desert emirate. The city’s outskirts are surrounded by desert landscapes which offer the advantage of an adventure playground for visitors of Dubai. The vast expanse of golden sand dunes is perfect for many desert sports and activities such as dune bashing, sand boarding, quad biking, camel rides to name a few. Your Dubai vacation would be left incomplete if you haven’t witnessed the delights of Dubai sand dunes. While you plan whether to consider a half day trip or an overnight stay in Dubai deserts, make sure to consider these following listed points. These essential tips will help you prepare for your Dubai Desert Safari so that you can have a comfortable experience.


  • The most crucial part of your Dubai Desert Safari planning should be the best time of the year to visit Dubai. The weather in Dubai tends to be stifling during most of the month, but usually, from November to March, the temperature begins to drop and the climate gets cooler. During these months, you can enjoy a milder Dubai desert temperature perfectly suited for your Safari expedition.


  • For a Desert Safari experience, you have to travel to the outskirts of the city and then drive deep into the desert. Hence there will be some driving on uneven sand dunes till you reach the campsite. Moreover, you will be eager to try 4×4 sand dune bashing experiences in the desert. Hence it is recommended to have light and healthy meals before you venture out on your Desert Safari adventure. This will make you less nauseous on bumpy rides.


  • Make sure you are dressed in comfortable attire. Wear loose, lightweight clothing. Even though there is no dress code to follow in the desert, it is preferable to wear long sleeved tops and long trousers to keep you sheltered from the harsh desert sun. You can even add layers of clothing such as carrying an extra cardigan or shawl so that you can easily adjust according to the weather if it gets warm or cold. The desert gets cooler as the sun sets so planning an ideal desert safari outfit is the perfect way to keep you comfortable throughout your desert trip.


  • Regarding footwear, it is better to wear shoes that are open and can be easily taken off to get the sand out. During a Desert Safari, there is sand everywhere and it will get in your closed shoes while you are having fun in the desert which will make it uncomfortable for you to enjoy. Sandals, flip-flops, open-toed shoes are better options to wear during a desert safari experience.


  •  The Desert sun can be very harsh and can cause painful sunburns. Make sure you carry essential accessories such as sunglasses and hats   to shelter yourself from the desert sun. Don’t forget to slather on loads of sunblock to avoid your skin getting irritated or damaged due to harsh sun rays.


  • If you think that deserts have monotonous scenic views, then you are seriously mistaken. The desert sunsets are spellbinding, there are rare wildlife species to spot on your adventure and you surely have to capture all the exhilarating desert moments. So don’t leave your camera behind as you will be very disappointed later on.


  • Keep some cash on hand or carry your credit card. There are many comfort shops to refresh yourself with beverages and light snacks on your way to the desert.


  • Always follow instructions of the guide, whether it is safety regarding a dune bashing ride or climbing on top of a camel. Your guide will provide you with essential tips for your safety. Oblige to these details and you can enjoy a safe desert safari experience.