Dr Fixit: One Solution to All Construction Problems

Dr Fixit offers a complete system for waterproofing a new home or repairing an existing one. The product line provides a wide range of waterproofing solutions for all main surface areas. This expert line of solutions, backed by a large retail presence, on-the-ground technical support, and an easily accessible brand helpline, strives to fulfill the brand mission of ‘Creating a Leak-Free and Damp-Free India’!

Dr Fixit products are developed at modern R&D centers in India, the Middle East, and Singapore, where advanced production facilities and highly skilled experts are employed. Aside from providing Modern Waterproofing solutions to customers, the business provides specialized training and services to experts.

Dr Fixit manufactures a variety of unique construction chemicals for waterproofing, building repairs, tile restoration, sealants, coatings and paints, grouts and anchors, and industrial flooring. Cement, building supplies, paints, and hardware stores all stock the products.

Signs that You Need Dr Fixit Protection

You want your house to be as robust as possible because it is the roof over your head. Foundation issues may necessitate costly repairs. Here’s what to check to minimize the minor problems from turning into major headaches. Knowing the early indicators of foundation difficulties might help you avoid issues that could end up costing tens of lakhs of rupees to rectify. The sooner you recognise possible issues, the easier and less expensive it will be to resolve them. If your building or complex has a maintenance committee, encourage them to prioritize structural upgrades if they are needed. In this manner, you’re not only protecting your family, but you’re also avoiding a major accident. As a result, don’t wait for the BMC to issue you a notification before acting; here are some red signals to look out for.

  • If you have wallpaper on your walls and notice some light creases and wrinkles, it’s time to replace it. As a result of the wall shifting due to foundation issues, the wallpaper will shift as well, causing it to separate or rip.

  • Sinking Foundation or Sunken Floors – If the ground begins to sink near your foundation, you may have a serious foundation problem.

  • Interior drywall cracks, as well as cracks on the exterior of your property, such as zig-zag cracks in a brick wall. Another symptom of the need for house settlement is this. Dr Fixit 301 Pidicrete URP is a ready-to-use, liquid-consistency modified styrene-butadiene latex. Because it adheres strongly to old and new concrete and plasters, it minimises cracking, dust pickup, and enhances abrasion resistance while reducing shrinkage.

  • The windows and doors are stuck shut. They don’t glide open and shut. This is a strong symptom that your foundation needs to be fixed. The settling and shifting of your home’s foundation is the most common source of gaps between the joints of your windows and doors.

  • The surface of your building’s visor (chajja) and balcony have developed cracks. The chajja and the balcony are two of the most common places where rainfall leaks into the house, destroying the interior décor and compromising the foundation. Dr Fixit 301 Pidicrete URP, a polymer modified mortar, will be used to repair the chajja and balcony.

  • Your home’s balconies have been pushed back.

  • Small gaps near the nail’s head. Nails pop, exposing the nail head or pulling paint away from the wall, and small, cracked circles appear where the nail pulls away from the drywall or sheetrock.

  • The floors are slanted. It is not a problem to have incremental drops of an inch throughout a home’s foundation. However, if your property slopes more than an inch every 15 to 20 feet, you may have foundation problems that require foundation repair.

Dr Fixit manufactures a variety of unique construction chemicals for waterproofing, building repairs, tile restoration, sealants, coatings and paints, grouts and anchors, and industrial flooring. The products are widely available at hardware, cement, and building supply stores.

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