Swirling Lines on the Arctic Plates!

The IceBridge Mission – taken up by NASA in 2009, has captured a strange photo on the plate of Arctic pole in the Canadian state. The image was taken on 29th March 2017. The image shows swirling patterns on the arctic plate which resembles nothing natural found so far. Scientists from NASA have confirmed on their finding of this photo really abnormal that goes beyond definition! The curved out pattern on the meltwater line has had blue hue on its edge. The gigantic icy glacier has raised questioned over its patterns on the top!



Jeremy Harbeck had the opportunity of focusing the lens on this specifically weird pattern to be found on the arctic glacier on the earth’s plate. He was flying over Ellesmere island which is in Canada, there, the sea ice scientist took the photo which later caught the sight of the other environment concerned ones around the globe!

Ever Asked Yourself, Why Does the Sea Shine at Night?

Here, you get the answer of the question; scientists have found out the answer to this question as to why the sea shines bright at night. Scuba divers and the sailors from ancient times, have ever mentioned about seeing shining or gleaming substances on the sea level! They often referred to these as creepy creatures who keep hunting for human flesh at night! However, scientists have got you an answer for this creepy question. It is all due to the extreme darkness that even light can not penetrate through reaching any below 200 meters. Surface below which light can not enter is not more than just one third of the depth of the sea. Marine lives living below that range are mostly depended on the self produced light source that allows them to see plants and other creatures in the water.



Scientists say that, most of the living creatures in the water that goes beyond the reach of light, produces gleaming light that enables them to lighten their surroundings. This light is nothing but the bioluminescent organisms that beams in the darkest area of the sea. Sailors have termed this phenomena as a ghostly gesture of the sea in the years in the past!

Green Arctic Plate!

If you have come to spot the image that went viral saying, the arctic plate has taken up form of green ice lately, you are no exception to the viewer of the phenomena who have screamed out several times. The green hue that lies beneath the arctic sea level has got the scientist worried over the issue of global warming. However, when the scientists got into the plates to find out more about the same, they came to know of the reason behind it.



A layer of phytoplankton was found to grow beneath the arctic plate which reached a thickness of around a meter or so. The phytoplankton lives on the ray of sun light that penetrates through the layer of glacier on the arctic plate. This allowed the ice level to shed on its surface and the phenomena led to thinning of the glacier. The thin layer of ice is such transparent in nature that allows the color to be seen from below!

Volcanic Eruption After 250 Years of Eternal Silence!

Kambalny volcano has had its eruption in the year of 2017 after a very long sleep of about 250 years long. This has been marked as one of the greatest phenomena of Russia in the field of environmental disaster in the year of 2017. Russia has experienced many other such incidents in the past years, however, this eruption has caught the eyes of many environmental researchers.



This came to the scientists as a pure surprise as it was never even anticipated  for Kambalny to shake up and erupt this furious. The eruption caught the attention of NASA that too after a day of the phenomena!