Since the advent of the internet, things have never been the same for anyone. Be it businesses or individuals, the internet has gripped us all so tightly that it is hard to let go. Well, we use the internet for a variety of purposes but did you know you can also sell stuff with the help of internet.

In this article, we have outlined few such methods that will enable you to market as well as sell them through the help of internet. Read on to learn out how.

  1. With the help of search engines

Well, search engine optimization is the most widely practiced method of driving traffic to your website and inviting in the visitors the urge to make a purchase. It is an effective tool and many people are actively engaged in promoting or selling their products by optimizing their website for Google search results.

Although, the process is a bit slow and time taking and after managing many assignments and research by asking experienced tech savvies to write my dissertation as all the organic efforts to garner traffic and transform it into leads is not a cakewalk. Months and months of sleepless nights go into this. But nevertheless an effective means of marketing your product.

  1. Social networks

We are all aware of the power social networks entail. Social networking has become an integral part of our lives that we can detach from. Negatives aside, these networking sites are great tool for marketing your products, while you search for the thesis help far and wide. You can tailor which demographic to target and people with certain interests.

You can start by advertising on Facebook and on other platforms. For example, Facebook offers pay per click advertising option. You pay for every click that leads visitors to your website from Facebook. As mentioned you can pick and choose which demographics to target.

  1. Social network applications

It is a form of viral marketing that has been gaining momentum over the past few years. The more people and businesses try to customize their profiles and pages, the more applications have resulted on the internet. Applications like this draw in a lot of visitors which leads to its page and they get exposed to advertising of your products.

  1. Social news

From social networking has emancipated the social news. These are community-based sites and are articles are marketed when submitted on their network. These sites are Slashdot or Reddit. These sites can generate a truckload of traffic and a good article about a product you deal in can lead to increase in its sales.

  1. SMS on steroids

SMS steroids mean the micro blogging websites such as Twitter and WhatsApp. They classify as somewhere between a full-fledged blog and/or SMS service. These platforms allow people to learn about updates from the profiles they have been following.

If there is a new product on the market, the users will be quick to learn about them. Comparatively, it may not be very powerful marketing tactic but when coupled with microblogging, the chances of sales are doubled for your product.

Twitter and WhatsApp are more mobile oriented platforms. You can simply update your profile from your smart phone and post an update about your upcoming product or service. Upon sharing it people will be notified in bulk. It is akin to sending SMSs on a massive scale. You can chat with users in real-time explaining them about product features and getting feedback from your customers.

  1. Favorites and bookmarking method

It is same as bookmarking a page or adding to favorites in your browser. However, the advantage here is that if any case your computer crashes, you don’t lose all your bookmarks because they are all stored on the cloud. The platforms include the likes of Disqus, Delicious, and Pocket.

You can categorize these online links which make them searchable, while other users can also search these tagged bookmarks. As a website owner you can promote articles on your products and their reviews on online bookmarking platforms and as a result, everyone will be able to locate on the network.

  1. RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication with the help of which you can push news articles and updates about your products and services to all subscribers of your site. There was a time when you had to inform your user base via the email medium which marketed your products but it later became a source of spamming and was often attributed as one.

RSS became a wise choice by money and eventually replaced the old fashioned medium. It sought to deliver the wealth of information directly to the users’ desktop or in the news reader to which the user has subscribed because it updates as soon as anything new happens.

Since live updates are a possibility now, the feeds technology can be further mapped to microblogging sites (discussed above) such as Twitter. All in all, the ability to share content across all of the web puts you in command of the Iron Throne (pun only GoT fans can relate to).

  1. Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform which also provides hosting services. You can setup your own online store and can sell anything you like. Oh, don’t think this is a costly venture, you can get the job done in a very considerable budget.

Creation of the store is easy and you can select from a variety of pricing options which cater to your needs. Although relative to hosting your own site, this can get quite expensive but nevertheless, it tends to save you a lot of development costs for an e-commerce website.

  1. Product videos

The power of videos cannot be argued with. With YouTube and Facebook, you can boost your sales. Create a video about your product and details its features/specifications and voila, you are good to go! Your sales will multiply and your following will increase.

  1. PPC (Pay per Click)

We talked about organic traffic with the help of SEO. Well, this the inorganic way of driving traffic to your site and possess a greater chance of conversions. A PPC campaign can do wonders for you. Faster results but at a high cost.