Larnaca is one of the most beautiful town on the Cypriot coast in the World of tourism that provide a 100% perfect blend of both modern-day cosmopolitan hum and serenity of the typical Mediterranean island. While you’re in Larnaca with a Cyprus passport, here’s an essential list of activities, places of interest and monuments to make the most of your time.

  1. The Thrill Seeker Ocean Racer

Like the name, the experience is also unique and entirely electrifying! The Thrill Seeker Ocean Racer is typically designed for holiday-goers who prefer thrill and excitement that Cyprus offers. Meanwhile, it’s also an opportunity for traversing and tearing through the ocean waves at nail-biting speed for the ultimate adrenaline punch! Climb aboard the “Thrill Seeker” with a thousand-horsepower engine and rocket over the waves to enjoy the view and speed that’ll leave you breathless.

  1. Ayios Lazaros (The Church of Saint Lazarus)

The typical charm of Cyprus is mostly attributed to its mesmerising and incredible history. The ninth century Greek orthodox, none other than the Church of Saint Lazarus is one of many symbols representing beautiful architecture and culture that prevails on the island; perhaps the best thing to experience with a Cyprus passport.

Inside the church is a well-preserved interior with sophisticated gold iconostasis, the delicate hand-carved wooden furniture and many other gorgeous icons that represent the religion sure to inspire beholders. The church hosts procession of the saint that’s integral to the town of Larnaca on official St. Lazarus Day that comes almost eight days prior to the Easter.

  1. The Mackenzie Beach

Cyprus is sketched with vast stretches of luxury beaches and coasts; everything that you can expect from an island amidst the palm of the Mediterranean Sea. The Mackenzie Beach is a crown-jewel of the Larnaca coast with golden sand stretches and spotless, clear sea which eventually makes it a perfect family hotspot. There’re many spots from where you can get fresh food and drinks throughout the day alongside inexpensive umbrellas and bedding stuff to relax and protect oneself from glaring sun.

  1. The Stavrovouni Monastery

It’s one of the most controversial landmarks that even prohibit female entrance! The Stavrovouni Monastery is a fully functional holy site situated high in the hills which means the view from here is no less than spectacular. The local residents are frequently joined by travellers bearing Cyprus passport to experience the conventional traditions, sanctity and worship in the same way altogether. A similar church however also exists on the site that’s restricted only to females so no one’s left out.

  1. The Larnaca Marina

Like many others, Larnaca Marina is also a wonderful and serene location that’s mostly bustling with local and foreign travellers. It’s also home to the many stray cats roaming casually on the island which means if you’re fond of the feline, Larnaca Marina is the place to be. The view of the water ripple along the sunset is best experience you can get by a casual, leisurely walk in the evening.


If you’re a lucky bearer of the Cyprus passport, make the most of the document by experiencing Larnaca for a true taste of Cypriot culture and history.