Although they are “Plus” supplements as representative of Apple is two years old, while competitors in the same segment price of less than 10 million is a new hard-core smartphone of Xiaomi own configuration Terrible in the current Android world. So the reason in the Vietnamese market, the “Plus” now has the same price, this article will tell you why !.

Both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus feature luxurious monolithic metal design and a 2.5D curved front lens that gives the angle and feel of the claw very well. Although the Mi 5s Plus has a screen size of 5.7 inches while the iPhone 6 Plus is a bit smaller than 5.5 inches, however, when placing two machines side by side, there is no difference in size, if properly The specs that the manufacturer provides are representative of Xiaomi, which is slightly smaller. There is something the Mi 5s Plus owns a large capacity battery up to 3800mAh compared to 2915mAh, so the device from Xiaomi will be thicker than their own.

The duo owns the familiar design language of the two big men in the smartphone industry in the world. The design of the iPhone 6 Plus is legendary when the iPhone 7 Plus still owns the language. Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus resembles most of its predecessors in the mid-range, such as the Redmi Note 4, … it’s got better finishing and luxury.
The front of the Mi 5s Plus is completely empty and without any hard keys, my personal opinion is more like the design of the iPhone. It features a physical home key on the front and an easy-to-use fingerprint sensor to unlock the machine in any case, whether on a desk or in the hand. The Xiaomi device’s fingerprint scanner is placed on the back, sometimes not as convenient as when it is placed on a horizontal basis. The only way is to use a password to open the phone. The possibility of fingerprint identification of Mi 5s Plus is much better than iPhone 6 Plus very much, equipment from Apple is equipped with fingerprint sensor generation is quite old, resulting in poor identification, only Need a little wet hands is almost no longer active, The rival of the iPhone 6 Plus fingerprints works great even though his hands are sweaty but the Mi 5s Plus is very accurate. In addition to the fingerprint sensor on every generation of the iPhone is almost the only effect is to unlock the machine, next to the purchase on the AppStore, but on Mi 5s Plus do a lot of things like taking pictures , lock from separate app … not only so thanks to the use of Android so the fingerprint sensor on the device comes from Xiaomi also a lot of interesting for you to love the bar.

The similarity between the two devices on the front has a well-optimized display that is not occupied by the navigation keys. On the Mi 5s Plus, there is also an LED indicator on the side of the phone.

The edge of the iPhone 6 Plus does not have any special points, and its rivals are completed with diamond cut luxury. Actually, this design Apple is pioneering the use of cut diamonds running along the body of the iPhone 5 & 5s, the status of the chip will appear a lot after a period of aesthetic use. of the device. It is unclear if Mi 5s Plus has this condition, but I still recommend that you use the back cover to protect your device.
The right side of the iPhone 6 Plus includes the power key and the SIM tray with a single nano-SIM, and for the Mi 5s Plus it holds the entire hard drive, including power and volume up / down. The keys on the two devices have a very good press feel, deep key field, high elasticity.

The left side of the new Mi 5s Plus is where the SIM tray is placed with the option of 2 nano-SIM. Unfortunately, Xiaomi’s super product is also not supported with memory cards, much like traditional Apple. The left side of the iPhone 6 Plus is a pair of keys to increase the volume down and to deactivate functions that have become legendary on the iPhone.

The bottom of the duo are two strips of speakers, but only the right speaker and the left is the mic, the thing on the Mi 5s Plus is the two sides of the speaker hole than the unbalanced look on the iPhone 6 Plus. The bottom of the device comes from Apple is quite a bit confusing when it contains both Lightning port connector, 3.5mm headphone port.

The Mi 5s Plus is well-groomed when the 3.5 mm headphone jack is mounted on the top edge with infrared eye and extra recording microphone. The Type-C USB port is located on the bottom. Edge on the iPhone 6 Plus is completely non-slip.

The design of the back of the representative from Xiaomi is also appreciated, although it is made from metal on the Mi 5s Plus also has the luxury milling scratches, dual camera clusters are flat and the main. The back side is a dual LED flash, the fingerprint sensor is located just below it, although there are a lot of details like everything is very neat, not only the antenna array can also match the color of the antenna. The back is quite seamless. Also on the iPhone 6 Plus, the first is the white band antenna tuner should look very rough, next to it is a convex camera cluster and LED flash, although Apple was smart to put it in the top corner. the camera body but I still do not like how to do this camera compared to Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus.

In terms of grip handling, I think the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus is a little better when the handle on this device we will have a firm feel because the machine is made more compact. Not only that, the design of the back of the representative from China is slightly curved to the side rather than a plane like on the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple’s 2014 super-processed alloys are soft, if not cautious, and the paint is easily corroded, leading to severe black spots.
Mi 5s Plus owns a screen that is slightly larger than its competitor’s 5.7 inches compared to 5.5 inches on the iPhone 6 Plus. Both have the same 1080p FullHD resolution, pixel density is nearly equal, the equivalent detail is not much difference. It is unfortunate that using them in the VR experience will not be as great as the devices that own the 1440p QuadHD resolution screen.

Xiaomi’s superior display area is significantly higher at 74.6% compared to 67.8% on the iPhone 6 Plus. This will make Xiaomi’s device more neatly in use, but Experience the movie or game of Apple products are highly appreciated because there is plenty of space to hold the device, Mi 5s Plus also owns three navigation keys at the bottom is touch so it is very easy to touch. during gameplay.

Both have IPS LCD screen technology, so the color is very honest, less skewed, the screen on the Mi 5s Plus slightly lightweight, while on the iPhone 6 Plus depends on each market. In the Japanese market, the Asian market will be relegated, while Europe and the US will be tinged with green. The angles of this twin are very good, unchanged when tilted at different angles. When used in the outdoors, all the images, the details of these two displays are okay nothing to blame. But the iPhone 6 Plus has the advantage of having a higher screen brightness, so showing up in the sunshine will have an advantage, and the Mi 5s Plus will have a lower brightness, so nighttime usage will decrease. eye strain.

For the color tones of red, blue and yellow, the Mi 5s Plus is a bit darker than the iPhone 6 Plus, the color of the “apple” device achieves the highest accuracy when compared, So you prefer the more generic colors, then choose the device from Apple. Xiaomi’s representative has a strong point that black is showing deep, so watching movies at night will be advantageous compared to the opponent.

Another advantage of the Mi 5s Plus is the ability to customize the main color of the screen to convert it into cold or hot. Both devices support the use of night mode on Xiaomi’s device as Reading mode, while the iPhone is Night Shift with the ability to customize the level of user desire. Reading mode of the representative from China is able to set this mode to use for each application, but with Night Shift users can schedule automatic on / off.

If the iPhone 6 Plus is one of Apple’s biggest battery-life smartphones in the current time when it has a 2915mAh battery, the Mi5s Plus is not as good as it has a large 3800mAh battery. Then many of his opponents. Flagship from Xiaomi also supports Quick Charge 3.0 and its rivals still have a very slow charging rate compared to the general level of the flagship now.
I test the actual use to compare the two machines for the basic needs such as watching movies, gaming, … The results are as follows:
When watching videos on Youtube with the same resolution FullHD 1080p, volume to 50%, the highest brightness, within 30 minutes iPhone 6 Plus 7% reduction, Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus 5% reduction. Game Dan the man 30 minutes with the same condition iPhone 6 Plus down 8%, Mi 5s Plus down 7%. Calling via facebook via 3G time 30p iPhone 6 Plus down 7% battery, Mi 5s Plus down 5%.

Apparently with battery capacity greater than Mi 5s Plus has a continuous use time will be higher than the iPhone 6 Plus, thanks to the optimized software, so the product comes from Apple in the standby time. The battery will lag significantly behind its rivals. This leads to the need for a normal person who is an office worker or a student, both of which can be used for about two days.
The software of the Mi 5s Plus or iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with battery saving features. When the battery capacity is less than 20%, it will require you to activate this mode to extend the life of the device. If the iPhone 6 Plus is only activated manually, then with Mi 5s Plus we can automatically turn off the timer.

Mi 5s Plus runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with MIUI 8.0 interface, iPhone 6 Plus is now possible to iOS 10.1. Xiaomi is sure to support software updates for his super, but due to the features running the Android operating system, this process will take quite a while, with the iPhone 6 Plus software updates will remain. which Apple has been doing for at least four years at the time, perhaps Mi 5s Plus has been forgotten.

The similarities between iOS and MIUI are the two manufacturers care very little and is less different when compared to devices running the same operating system. It should be familiar to those who have used other Xiaomi or Apple smartphones.
Because the duo uses the two most popular mobile platforms in the world, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. If users like stability, long-term support in iOS should be the first priority, but you want to customize the bar to finish the year to buy Mi 5s Plus.
Weakness on the Mi 5s Plus is due to portable products from the Chinese market should not be supported in Vietnamese and CH Play these will affect a small amount of use. The download of the app on the Google app store will sometimes fail because of a failure to connect to the server, an annoying point to me is that with the local Rom of Mi 5s Plus some applications will be. font error, such as Facebook application. As for iOS, there is no need for a table, this is a smooth and stable operating system, the game /apps are very good support.

However, the strength of the MIUI 8 is not to mention, with iOS 10.1 this is a much improved Apple operating system equipped with smart features that up to now the platform of “apple” It has not appeared, but with iPhone 6 Plus it is not supported much, a few useful features are basically just widgets, but this has been Android removed for a long time.

The first advantage of MIUI 8 compared to iOS is that there is a rich collection of themes, giving you a unique interface that is not afraid to touch.

At the lock screen if on iOS 10 we default to fast opening camera or widget, with MIUI 8 users can customize the desired application to open quickly on the lock screen when swipe left or right.

Want to light up the screen you have a lot of options from the use of fingerprint sensor, double tap, press the volume up or down. One more thing if you press the volume down button twice we can quickly open the camera of the machine.

With Mi 5s Plus, Xiaomi also gives users 2 very interesting features. The first is the Second space, which gives you two totally different usable space, with this software we will feel like using two phones at the same time.

Next comes the Dual Apps feature, with which users will be able to have two Facebook applications or any desired app, this is suitable for those who wish to play plow games at two accounts or use the song. song 2 nick facebook. With Second Space we can also do the same thing as it will take time to switch back and forth with Dual Apps users will minimize this.

Besides some minor features that support the Mi 5s Plus as one-handed operation, child mode will also be needed in some cases we need.
It seems to choose Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus on the software is pretty difficult, but I also mentioned above, each person will have a need at the same time you will find out. machine suits themselves.
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus has the very configuration of the Android world at the moment with the high-speed Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, dual-core CPU clocked at 2.35GHz and 2.2GHz dual-core CPU, Adreno 530 GPU. While the iPhone 6 Plus has a rather obsolete configuration, it is an Apple A8 chip with two 1.4GHz cores and a PowerVR GX6450 GPU. When using the software AnTuTu to score performance, representative from Apple reached only about 85 thousand points, while its opponent has a high score of 137 thousand points, in terms of graphics Mi 5s Plus is high doubling the iPhone 6 Plus with one side over 5000 points, and the latter folding only 2500.

The performance of the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus is also quite different from the iPhone 6 Plus, even management of product RAM from Apple is quite breathless compared to their opponents. Please watch the video for the best overview.
The graphics performance of the two players is quite similar when you play a game with graphics like terrible Asphalt Xtreme, the duo are quite smooth and stable, but at a high graphics. Most of the time there is a lag condition, jerking in the process of experience. However, this is quite small and insignificant, with no significant impact on the experience. These two graphics processing units also heat up quite evenly at the top of the back but are not subject to overheating.
Xiaomi’s flagship camera features a dual-core 13MP resolution, F / 2.0 aperture. Also with the iPhone 6 Plus camera ownership of the device is quite old with a resolution of 8 MP f / 2.2 aperture. The strength of the Apple product is the OIS optical image stabilization technology, and the Mi 5s Plus does not. The resulting image quality also has many differences.
The camera interface of these two flagships is pretty much the same, they are very simple to use, most of you are familiar with this on MIUI 8 and iOS 10 everything is not much different than Other devices running the same software version.
The thing that Mi 5s Plus has in-camera software is that it has a lot of interesting customizations from 1 / 2s manual exposure, Straighten balance, beauty mode, night mode, black and white photography. While the iPhone 6 Plus is quite poor with automatic and Panorama mode.

In terms of image quality in the light enough, the image on the Mi 5s Plus is more fresh and flattering face, when the grass flowers are feeling full of life, and on the iPhone 6 Plus for color Too good to be true, so some pictures of flowers are wilted and the camera is too clear.
Image details of the two cameras are very good, the light sensitivity of the iPhone is higher than the opponent. Only when the HDR feature is turned on is the image on the Mi 5s Plus improved when the cloud was recreated better, in this mode the water output of the two machines have many similarities, The iPhone’s up to f / 2.2 should be a much narrower angle.

In the case of backlit shots, the HDR mode on Xiaomi’s device is better than Apple’s, when dark areas are significantly brighter and more detailed.

The dual camera of the Mi 5s Plus works with the same mechanism as the Huawei P9 with the ability to take black and white images to enhance the details of the image, there is a dual camera group on P9 is due to Huawei cooperation with Leica quality. Out of the country Xiaomi.

Under low light conditions, the image processing algorithms of these two devices are completely different. On the Mi 5s Plus, though, the light is much larger thanks to the large aperture of f / 2.0. However, when zoomed in, the image noise is pretty much out of detail, while the iPhone 6 Plus, despite gaining less brightness than the picture. True looking shots are not pitting or touching when viewed close-up.

The way to handle strong light source in the evening as the light bulb between the two cameras is also very different with the iPhone 6 Plus light will be made up of stretch marks. This way the source of the source Bright lights are not lost. Also on the Mi 5s Plus light is radiated to help everything bright as the noise situation is quite heavy.

The advantage of the device comes from Apple that it owns optical anti-shake OIS, so night photography with shake and out sharpness is significantly reduced.

While using the LED Flash, despite the fact that it owns a dual LED flash cluster, the iPhone brightens the subject better than the color that is much better than the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus.

Comparison to Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus self-defeating camera completely defeats the iPhone 6 Plus with high resolution, wide-angle shooting, rich beauty mode. On the iPhone is still too honest, shooting selfie for the photo too real will be a sin.

Xiaomi’s superior features are equipped with an extremely configurable 4K video resolution, while Apple’s “flagship” just stops at FullHD 1080p @ 60fps and 720p @ 240fps. The advantage of the Mi 5s Plus is that the camera has a large aperture, so get more images that the iPhone 6 Plus can not see, but because of OIS optical anti-vibration, when moving video with the device from the ” apple “is still better, when the vibration is very little. The recording quality of this device is fine, just like the quality of the picture, in light enough conditions camera of the Mi 5s Plus video to look bright and fluttering, the image was shot on the iPhone 6 Plus. slightly pale and lack of vitality.
Night shooting is similar to night photography, the way the color is handled, the aperture brightness is no different than the photos of each device. Please see the video below to be able to make your own comments that you prefer more.
Apparently despite the long life, such as the iPhone 6 Plus is not too lose the competition “young boys” Mi 5s Plus a few, all over the session. Choosing between these two devices is quite difficult but will still depend on the needs of each person. If you like a smartphone that is stable and most comprehensive in all aspects is supported long-term Apple iPhone 6 Plus is a great choice. With the brothers wanting to own a real “dinosaur” in terms of configuration and design choose Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus.