Whenever there are any talks of the cryptocurrency, the only thing majority of the people know about and the one name that always keeps buzzing the market is bitcoin. Keeping aside the recent hype for the moment, the trending news is all about bitcoin and constant rise in its market. But, here’s something coming out of the blues that’s coinbase. The breaking news of the tech town: Coinbase becoming the most downloaded iPhone app in the entire US. Well, why not the app lets you buy and sell the cryptocurrency. The entire iPhone app development sector is stunned by this news.

The company which is known to be the best for converting the fiat into crypto is now placed on the top of free apps in the Apple app store. All of these despite the fact that the price of bitcoin was hyped unbelievably high. $17,000, yes you heard it right and that too in just past 24 hours. The hype was almost 20 percent high.

So, the question hindering the minds of the most of the iPhone app development company is what made this miracle happen and what should be done to get their iPhone app rank at the top in the Apple app store. Well, the factor working for making coinbase get sudden hype is that for plenty of customers the service was made unavailable for major part of the day. What happened was that the app was not allowing the users to get the status of the account balance, it was just allowed to buy. The bitcoin rush was overwhelming but the site was down for the maintenance for a majority of the part of the day. This made the users lose their mind hoping to buy, sell or just get access to their accounts.

Well, its kind of very much astonishing to know that an app reached the top of app store despite the fact that it was not accessible to the user for the major part of the day. Well, this was not the only platform for the fiat-crypto exchange which observed this tremendous shift, there were others but this one just surpassed those competitive apps and grabbed the top position.

Well, by now, the app is over the ups and downs and is quite stable. Also, it is handled very well and improvement has been observed after the massive bitcoin of $2000.