Today digital transformation has evolved the small and medium-sized businesses in a short period of time. Technology has no end and the best, e.g., is “cloud” which is directly or indirectly changing the market. IT experts or business owners are not only looking at cloud solely as a tool but also looking for a right way to utilize the cloud to overcome their business goals in 2018. However, it is true that cloud computing services are going to affect the competition and change the market as per the requirement.

Cloud computing offers a big data to store and retrieve the huge amount of data. Right from personal websites to big organizations, all are moving towards cloud to store the data. In this article, we will highlight some of cloud trending points that you can look to incorporate into your business.

1) Edge computing:-


Big amount of data is generated by large firms and store into a data centre or a private cloud. It makes sense to utilize the cloud to handle the data processing while analysing and implementing. In edge computing, the cloud is utilized to maximize the data processing and there are the chances of more use of IoT service in 2018.

2) SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS:-


Nowadays, small and medium enterprises are looking to improve their services with the help of cloud. This has increased the demand of cloud services in the market and multiple providers are standing in the competition to offer the best cloud. As per the stats, SaaS service is expected to grow near about 18%, PaaS up to 32% and IaaS up to 36% in 2018.

3) IoT is the main element:-

Now, most of the devices are depending on the cloud for smooth work, especially those devices that are connected together internally or externally. However, IoT helps to connect with the devices like household applications, cars and electronics, etc. These devices have cloud-based back end as a medium to communicate and store the information. This results to increase the demand for these applications as we observed that more IoT devices are sold.

4) Security:-


Security in the technology is a highly debatable topic. Security breaches are increasing rapidly and in 2018, this trend is not going to end and this leads to undertake strong security of cloud infrastructure. However, cyber attacks are increasing and this has made authority to take the major protection of public and private cloud of all sectors. A constant updating of methods is carried to avoid such attacks in future. Being a business owner, it’s necessary to protect your assets and opt for the tools like SIEM and malware detection systems. You can opt for Cloud Server Hosting provider to get robust services and major security along with best features for your cloud.

5) Serverless cloud computing:-

In serverless cloud, developers design and run the applications without worrying about managing the servers. This in return increases the cloud usage. Additionally, it permits the developers to connect and extend cloud services to their applications and multiple usages. However, less time and efforts are needed in cloud computing and it is simple to update the system.

6) Cloud-based container systems:-

It offers a better security to the infrastructure. They play an alternative to virtual machines and permit the applications to get deployed in the easiest manner along with the new features and the ability to run software reliably. Additionally, cloud server providers give hosted container management services and also differentiate the platforms from one another with the help of cloud container systems.