How do you plan to design your home? A rural setting with a touch of old memories?

Or are you planning for an urban-chic look? Maybe, a bouquet of fake stargazers could welcome guests at the front door, while the study would have a coffee machine and table added to it for that special touch.

Ever considered the idea of hanging wooden swing sets in your home?

If you still think that wooden swings are best suited for gardens – think again! Home décor ideas have got a boost in the last decade and swings have made a rocking comeback! Hence, time’s ripe when you check out certain ideas about where to place swings in your home to add that chic look!

Scroll down – ideas are waiting!

A wooden swing in your study room – Light reading days!

On days when one just wishes to land on a couch with a rom-com – wooden swings are the perfect place. Set in one corner of the study room, this will give the whole space a casual look, as you rock along with a steaming cup of coffee!

Note: For such swing sets – pine wood is a great option. The rustic look and lightweight suits the place and is easy to maintain.

A swing set on one side of your living room – Urban chic feel

When one looks for wooden swings ideas for living room, there are myriad options to choose from! With the sofa sets welcoming the guests, this swing set can be placed adjoined to the sofa. Also, to maintain the look of the room – one can put a crib mattress on it with cushions thrown in.

There’s another place suitable for this swing – just below the stairs adjoining the living room. A singular customised wooden piece can be hung beneath it to bring a modern look to the room.

Or, how about a wooden swing with a leaf pattern? Try it out!

Note: For indoors – maple and oak wood are the best options. From shine to quality, they fit the internal décor.

Don’t miss the patio – The best place for a swing

Make it a point to check for the patio as well! The place where wooden swings are a must – as you welcome guests, decorate for party and relive those old memories for hours together. However, one has to be careful and get quality wood that is durable and naturally resistant.

Note: For patio swing sets, nothing can go better than teak. With high dimension level and strength, this is durable and requires only a coat of shine every 5 years.

How about one in the balcony up there?

A swinging roof for your balcony with a wooden swing hanging to it is high on aesthetics! For those who wish to enjoy their cup of coffee with the sunset – this is just the place where you need a swing.

Note: Cedar and cypress woods are best for these swings. Both are weather resistant and insect repellent – thus, no need of extra care (just pull the shades during rainfall).

Plenty of ideas for placing the wooden swing sets? Start shopping fast – or you can get them customised as well!

A point to note: When you shop for such swing sets online just make sure that the wood used is authentic and overall craftsmanship is qualitatively high. A look through their testimonials, or a complete study of respective websites can help.

Girls like to swing! Get going!