Change Your Kitchen with a Double Sink Kitchen Bowl

The double Sink Kitchen bowl is now in more demand and is designed with a number of cool features, making it more appealing than before. You can find these sinks with built-in draining boards, a lowered divider for easy cleaning of wider cookware, and the models that fit your space.

Double Sink Kitchen is multitasking. These steel sinks are not just for washing and rinsing dishes but help you to perform everyday kitchen tasks in an easier and more effective manner. For example, you can keep your soapy dishes in one sink and rinse them in another. Or, let potatoes soak in one side of the sink while filling up a pot for washing on the other side. You can even defrost a refrigerated meal and simultaneously clean the dishes in a double sink kitchen. Moreover, if two cooks are working in a kitchen, they can easily use separate bowls of a double sink.

Carysil Elegance Series Gloss Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink 45x20x9

Choosing a Steel Sink, Size, and the Advantages of Double Sink Kitchen

How to Choose a Steel Sink for Your Kitchen

The utility of a sink determines a sink design. Most sinks are single bowls with the provision of installing faucets (taps). As per the nature of use, many house owners want to go for two bowls sinks. It helps widen the options of use and also increases the working efficiency in a kitchen.

Depending on your working style, you can consider a deep bowl sink. This type of sink can hold more amount of water and can be used for cleaning more utensils. Depending on your preference, there are a variety of sinks available in the market, with different designs, materials, and sizes matching your budget.

Carysil Elegance Double Bowl 34 x 20 x 9 SS Kitchen Sink Gloss Finish

Size of a Sink Matters

Sinks are available in many sizes and start from 9 inches long sink and can go up to 40 inches or even higher. Know the purpose of your sink, the amount of work to be done, the number of family members, and how you want to use it before choosing specific size. Most of the kitchen sinks range between 24 inches to 36 inches in length, where 33 inches is the most preferred size. However, if you are looking for a Double Sink Kitchen bowl, you need to have a bigger space, which is ideal for multi-utility work. Besides considering the length of a steel sink, bowl depth is also a critical factor to consider while determining its purpose.

Carysil Vogue Single Bowl with Drain Board 36 x 20 x8 SS Kitchen Sink Gloss Finish

Double Sink Kitchen Bowls

Double bowl kitchen sinks offer a lot more advantages over single-bowl sinks. They help in the more efficient use and aid multitasking. Although these may not be the choice of every home as they require more place and are costlier when compared to single bowl sinks. But, Double Sink Kitchen bowls have more volume, thus allowing the handling of more utensils at a given time. They offer more organized kitchen work and speed up the daily tasks of cleaning and washing.

More dishwashing is a lot easier with double bowl steel sinks. If you can plan well for your food preparation, you can get the most out of double sinks.● Dishwashing in Double Sink Kitchen Bowls: Two bowls of steel sinks are placed side-by-side. Before cleaning the utensils, scrape the waste, stack the dishes on the counter, and fill the other bowl with soap solution along with water. Now, soak the dishes in water and move them to another side for rinsing.

Carysil Vogue Single Bowl Stainless Steel Matt Finish Kitchen Sink with Drainer, Size: 36x18x8 inch

● Food Preparation in Double Sink Kitchen Bowls: You can use one side of the sink to rinse food items, including vegetables, meat, etc., while using the other side for other cores, like peeling potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables. The clear differentiation between the two steel sinks used for food preparation prevents mixing meat and vegetables inside the double bowl sink. Thus it helps reduce the chances of contamination of the vegetables that may cause due to exposure to the germs coming from the meat.

Carysil Catwalk Double Bowl With Drain Board 46 x 20 x 8 SS Kitchen Sink Matt Finish

● Non-Standard Double Sink Kitchen Bowls: These sinks consist of a big bowl and a small bowl. You can use the smaller bowl for rinsing to make dishwashing easier.Moreover, the smaller side is suitable for washing smaller items like glasses and tumblers and ensures safe washing without breaking the fragile utensils.   You can use the smaller bowl for peeling vegetables, rinsing vegetables or fruits, as they fit well in a smaller space. You can also use a sink cutting board, available with many Double Sink Kitchen Bowls, thereby making them more efficient use of the sink space.

Carysil Vogue Double Bowl With Drain Board 40 x 20 x 8 SS Kitchen Sink Matt Finish

● Double Sink Kitchen Bowls Material: Kitchen sinks are available in different materials, but stainless steel sinks are often in high demand. These are affordable and aesthetically designed to fit in your kitchen. While buying a good sink, consider the gauge of the steel sink. Gauge is the thickness of a sink, and a higher gauge means a sink of higher quality. Most steel sinks are designed in gauges between 15 and 24. A sink of 18 to 20 gauge is most ideal for home purposes.

Carysil Vivaldi Double Bowl With Drain Board D 200 Kitchen Sink Granite


A kitchen is an essential corner of your house and a lot of time is spent here. Kitchen aesthetics and utility need to be considered from time to time, o help you work efficiently. In most families where both husband and wife are working, the need for a double sink kitchen is a good choice. Visit Industrybuying to find a steel sink of your choice and in budget.

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