Chainsaw Price and Buying Guide

Chainsaws are portable, powerful saw that cut with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain. When handled with proper safety, a chainsaw is a good labor-saver when you want to clear thick bushes or want to slice off dangerous broken trees, or even need to cut logs for firewood.

Chainsaws are available in the market in a range of sizes and types. They are designed as small electric models with cords, or you can even find a cordless model that runs on a battery. Similarly, chainsaw price varies according to size and type. Often you will find smaller chainsaws with a low price label, and vice-versa.

How to Evaluate a Chainsaw?
While judging a good chainsaw, there are some factors that need to be considered. Look how they cut, how easy they can be handled, and also how safe they are to operate. Moreover, these should be easy to start, convenient to maintain, and must have a simple adjustment mechanism.

Some of the models also kick back during the course of operation, so checking this factor is also mandatory. You also need to check a model’s exhaust parts including the muffler. Check if it is properly covered and if it is safe to operate when the muffler gets hot so as to avoid the risk of a burn hazard.

How to Choose a Chainsaw?
Your intention and how the chainsaw is to be used should be the main aspect that should be considered while buying this tool. Analyze:

● Experience: If you are buying a chainsaw for the first time, then consider buying a lighter model which is easy to operate. But, if you want to replace your current model, then consider the basic purpose of replacing your existing chainsaw.

● Frequency: Another critical factor when choosing a chainsaw is the frequency of its use. How often do you want to use your saw, a few times a year, frequently, or will you use it very often?

● Type of Job: What are the problems you want to tackle with this tool is another factor that needs to be considered. Do you require it for normal maintenance work, or do you want to use it for heavy loads? Moreover, what are the types of trees you want to cut, and their diameters?

● Environment: The type of environment you will be working in is yet another critical factor. For example, if it is a residential area, then you can opt for a chainsaw model that can be operated by power. But, if you want to work in woodland then your preferable choice should be a battery-operated model of chainsaw.

Different Types of Chainsaws
We can differentiate chainsaws in terms of power source. There are three main types of chainsaws depending on their power supply. These are:

1. Gas-Powered Chainsaws
These types of chainsaws work smoothly and they cut quickly. Equipped with fast chain speeds, less power is required from the user side. It is capable of clean cuts, and is also suitable for heavy-duty work, like when the downing of large trees is required. Moreover, they can be used for a longer time interval, just adding more gas is what you have to take care of.

But, these types are suitable for outdoor work only, as they emit harmful carbon monoxide. Moreover, gas-powered chainsaws are a bit heavier compared to electric versions.

Ingco 445 mm Gasoline Chain Saw GCS5451811

2. Corded Electric Chainsaw
These have a plug-in power cord, and are light and cost less when compared to gas-powered chainsaws. They are also easy to start as you need to just plug them into the power supply, and they are ready to operate. Although they offer a slower speed of cutting, still they are good for lighter work such as trimming the hedges or cutting small limbs of a tree. Their power cord restricts your working as you have to be near an electric outlet always. Or you will have to use a heavy extension cord.

Makita 16 Inch Corded Chain Saw, UC4041A

3. Battery Powered Chainsaws
These types of chainsaws work on batteries and make you free from a power cord. Their performance level matches that of gas-powered chainsaws, however, you need to recharge them after using them for a short duration. However, once fully charged they are capable of cutting even large trees. You can also consider buying an extra pack of batteries if you wish to use it for long time intervals. These are best to use as they can be operated indoors and outdoors as well, with no limitations of a nearby power source.

Makita 18Vx2 Cordless Brushless Chainsaw 35cm Bar Body Only DUC355Z

4. Electric Loopers
Most of us are not much used to operating heavy chainsaws and can struggle to handle them. But, you can still work on your garden hedge or shape small limbs of the trees with the help of Electric Loppers. These are light-duty power loppers where the cutting apparatus is mounted 2 feet away from the handle. These are safer and more convenient to use. Some of the models even come with a retractable blade, for easy storage.

Wolf Garten RC-VM Tree Lopper Without Handle

There is a variety of chainsaws available in the market. But, before buying this heavy tool, check for safety features like an inertia chain brake, side chain tensioning, and a chain catcher. Chainsaws from Industrybuying offer multiple safety features to protect the operator. These include a chain brake activator, safety links, rear handle guard, and other critical safety measures. However, ensure wearing a proper dress like snug-fitting clothing and sturdy work boots while operating a chainsaw. Use protective gloves and a safety helmet, preferably with a face shield.

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