Wednesday, December 13, 2017


baby-sitter nanny

Why I Quit My Internship

Writing this, is a nanny. A nanny who takes care of other’s children. You simply can’t imagine the amount of pestering I go through each moment. Motherhood, something I certainly do not possess, however,...
maldives merriage

Theory of Marriage!

Human are the most amazing creation of nature. And then we have our friends in other than human forms, namely – animals. No, don’t freak out, allow me to explain. This might be the...
social women

Social Networks: Such Social, Much Wow!

Social networks are the latest thing on the internet that aims at making you more social! Social, they say, in terms of detachment from people (read, flesh and blood) replaced by Pictures and videos,...

Things That Must Happen When You Are Already Late

People who are constantly late at their work every day have some certain looong stories behind their being late at work or class or wherever they need to be on time! Some days the...
funny faces

Treat Yourself with At Least a Smile with 13 Funny Animal Facts

This world is an amazing place to wander. Every single thing here is amazing and “good to observe” when you see through the magnifying glass of realization of the facts that are going around...