It is common knowledge that one must be careful when choosing a diet supplement to support the weight loss program that you are on. Some supplements are nothing but hype and actually, do nothing at all but make you spend your hard earned money for a placebo. While others contain harmful synthetic ingredients that will because of you either adverse side effects while you are taking the product or worse yet, long term health problems.

You may be able to lose a significant percentage of the weight you want to lose, but at a price that most people are not aware of at the time they are using the product.



It is always a good practice to use a diet supplement that is made of 100% all natural ingredients.

Capsiplex is one of these types of supplements.

The ingredients in Capsiplex are Capsicum extract (from the hot pepper), Caffeine and Niacin. The hot pepper extract is the main ingredient in the fat burning supplement Capsiplex.



The Capsicum extract in the supplement works to increase the temperature in the body, causing a thermogenic effect. When this happens, the metabolism increases and the body begin to use more calories to operate. Capsicum extract has also been known to decrease appetite in the user.


The bottom line is that a person will burn more calories than they take in and therefore, the body will begin to use the fat stores for energy, causing weight loss to occur. The small amount of Caffeine in the product will act as a diuretic and help the body to rid itself of the broken down fat cells. Niacin helps the body not to produce fat cells and instead, use the fat for energy. It causes carbohydrates and fats to act in the same way and therefore all the food that is ingested will be used for energy and not stored in the form of fat.

There are also some reported medicinal uses for Capsicum extract.


For decades, it has been used to treat cold symptoms and flu symptoms, because of its anti congestion qualities. It is also reported to help with asthma and other bronchial problems as well as being good for the circulatory system and heart.


Additionally, chili is known to produce a rush of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the feel good chemical of the body, and a rush of endorphins simply makes you feel so good about yourself.


This supplement has been hailed with the motto “slim at your desk” because of the metabolism increasing effect it has on the body. One can use the product without any significant lifestyle or diet changes and receive the weight loss benefits.


Also, there is a Capsiplex appetite suppressor that acts in conjunction with the fat burner. It efficiently works for you, so you feel fuller faster after eating and less likely to wish snacks. Capsiplex appetite suppressor if taken in combination with their calorie burning formula will enhance your weight loss effects even more.