Hos geldiniz! Welcome to Cappadocia, the astonishing wonderland appropriate amidst Turkey.


Goreme and the Cappadocia district is effortlessly open from all parts of Turkey. Once here you can without much of a stretch easily investigate every one of the features and the concealed diamonds that this zone is known for. By a long shot the best prologue to Cappadocia is tenderly coasting over the undulated scene in a hot air balloon. Referred to worldwide as extraordinary compared to other spots to fly hot air balloons, you will float simply above plantations, between the renowned pixie smokestack shake developments and up and over the undulated gorges. On the other hand, saddle up and travel like the main European pilgrims and the Scythian wanderers on horseback through the many trails and valleys. The valleys and towns of Cappadocia are additionally simple to investigate by walking.


A great many years prior a gathering of antiquated volcanoes, Mount Erciyes, Mount Hasan and Mount Melendiz, heaved out endless supply of thick tuff which covered the farmland for miles around. Throughout the hundreds of years the breeze and rain worked their enchantment on the delicate shake, cutting out fantastic canyons and abandoning the sensational apexes of shake – the ‘pixie smokestacks’ – that have made the Cappadocian moonscape.

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Be that as it may, Cappadocia has dependably been substantially more than its sensational view. People, as well, have left their extraordinary stamp on the locale, cutting cavern storerooms, give in stables, give in houses and even whole underground urban communities out of the stone. Right up ’til the present time a number of the taking off apexes are as yet possessed and a large number of the stone cut storerooms are as yet loaded down with grapes, lemons, potatoes and level bread sitting tight for the winter.

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Long, long back Cappadocia was possessed by Christians who likewise cut a great many buckle holy places, houses of prayer and religious communities out of the stone. A hefty portion of these temples were brightened with frescoes of medieval holy people whose spooky pictures still look down from the dividers. In the 21st century these old chapels make probably the most exceptional sights for guests.

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In the prior days tourism neighborhood individuals called the abnormal shake cones that encompassed them kales, or ‘manors’. These days these astonishing structures are generally called peribacalari, or ‘pixie fireplaces’. They arrive in a phenomenal scope of shapes and sizes however most are tall and phallic-formed with a top of harder stone that shields the gentler shake underneath from disintegration. In the end these tops tumble off, whereupon the breeze and rain begin to whittle away the cone until in the long run it, as well, breakdown.

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There are such a large number of captivating things to find in Cappadocia that you could spend a lifetime here and still find new places. Be that as it may, there are likewise some little, everything except overlooked shake cut places of worship and cloisters, mind blowing climbing trails, a few astounding caravanserais and numerous sensational shake arrangements well worth making a special effort to visit.

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Regardless of whether you’re charmed here by the climbing potential, the history or the boasting privileges of turning into a present day troglodyte for a night, it’s the lunarscape scenes that you’ll recall. This current district’s accordion-furrowed valleys, shaded in a palette of dim orange and cream, are an epiphany of a scene – the stuff of hallucinogenic fantasies.


On the off chance that you have come to Turkey or Istanbul city and need to go to Cappadocia then you can go by means of transport, plane, prepare or private autos. As you most likely are aware Cappadocia is not a city name, Cappadocia is consolidates the territories of Aksaray , Nevsehir , Nigde , Kayseri and Kirsehir urban areas. Cappadocia region is a long way from 730 km from Istanbul.