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Read the Medication Guide furnished through your pharmacist earlier than you begin taking oxycodone online and every time you get a refill.

Ask your health practitioner or pharmacist approximately different methods to lower nausea (consisting of mendacity down for 1 to two hours with as little head motion as viable).

Avoid consuming grapefruit or consuming grapefruit juice whilst the usage of this medicinal drug except your health practitioner or pharmacist says you could achieve this adequately.

Pain medicines are nice if they’re used while the primary symptoms and symptoms of ache occur. If you wait till the ache has worsened, the medicine won’t paint as well.

If you’ve got ongoing ache (consisting of because of cancer), your health practitioner might also additionally direct you to additionally take long-appearing opioid medicines.  In that case, this medicinal drug is probably used for unexpected (breakthrough) are most effective as needed. Other ache relievers (consisting of acetaminophen, ibuprofen) will also be prescribed with this medicinal drug. Ask your health practitioner or pharmacist approximately the usage of oxycodone adequately with different tablets.

Suddenly preventing this medicinal drug might also additionally motivate withdrawal, specially when you have used it for a long term or in excessive doses. To save you withdrawal, your health practitioner might also additionally decrease your dose slowly. Tell your health practitioner or pharmacist proper away when you have any withdrawal signs and symptoms consisting of restlessness, mental/temper modifications (which includes anxiety, problem sleeping, mind of suicide), watering eyes, runny nose, nausea, diarrhea, sweating, muscle aches, or unexpected modifications in behavior.

Though it enables many human beings, this medicinal drug might also additionally once in a while motive dependency.

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Side outcomes

See additional Warning section.

To lessen the threat of dizziness and lightheadedness, arise slowly while growing from a sitting or mendacity position.

Remember that your health practitioner has prescribed this medicinal drug due to the fact she or he has judged that the gain to you is more than the threat of facet outcomes.  Many human beings that use this medicinal drug now no longer have extreme facet outcomes.

Tell your health practitioner proper away when you have any extreme facet outcomes, which includes: interrupted respiration throughout sleep (sleep apnea), mental/temper modifications (consisting of agitation, confusion, hallucinations), extreme stomach/stomach ache, problem urinating, symptoms and symptoms of your adrenal glands now no longer operating well (consisting of lack of appetite, uncommon tiredness, weight loss).

Get clinical assistance properly away when you have any very extreme facet outcomes, which includes: fainting, seizure, sluggish/shallow respiration, extreme drowsiness/problem waking up.

This isn’t always a whole listing of viable facet outcomes. If you word different outcomes now no longer indexed above, touch your health practitioner or pharmacist.

In the US – Call your health practitioner for clinical recommendation approximately facet outcomes.

Warnings & Precautions

Before taking oxycodone, inform your health practitioner or pharmacist in case you are allergic to it; or to different opioid ache relievers (consisting of oxymorphone); or when you have some other allergies.  This product might also additionally include inactive components that can motivate hypersensitive reactions or different problems.

Drug interactions might also additionally alternate how your medicines paintings or grow your threat for extreme facet outcomes. Do now no longer begin, prevent, or alternate the dosage of any drug treatments without your health practitioner’s approval.

Some merchandise that can engage with this drug consist of: positive ache medicines (blended opioid agonist/antagonists consisting of pentazocine, nalbuphine, butorphanol), naltrexone.

The threat of great facet outcomes (consisting of sluggish/shallow respiration, extreme drowsiness/dizziness) can be accelerated if this medicinal drug is considering different merchandise that can additionally motivate drowsiness or respiration problems.  Tell your health practitioner or pharmacist in case you are taking different merchandise consisting of different opioid ache or cough relievers (consisting of codeine, hydrocodone), alcohol, marijuana (cannabis), tablets for sleep or anxiety (consisting of alprazolam, lorazepam, zolpidem), muscle relaxants (consisting of carisoprodol, cyclobenzaprine), or antihistamines (consisting of cetirizine, diphenhydramine).

Check the labels on all of your drug treatments (consisting of allergic reaction or cough-and-bloodless merchandise) due to the fact they will include components that motivate drowsiness.  Ask your pharmacist approximately the usage of the one’s merchandise adequately.

Other medicines can have an effect on the elimination of oxycodone out of your frame, which might also additionally have an effect on how oxycodone works. Examples consist of azole antifungals (consisting of ketoconazole), macrolide antibiotics (consisting of erythromycin), mifepristone, HIV medicines (consisting of ritonavir), rifamycins (consisting of rifabutin, rifampin), positive tablets used to deal with seizures (consisting of carbamazepine, phenytoin), amongst others.

This medicinal drug might also intrude additionally with positive laboratory tests (which includes amylase/lipase levels), possibly inflicting fake check results. Make positive laboratory employees and all of your docs recognise you operate this drug.


If a person has overdosed and has extreme signs and symptoms consisting of passing out or problem respiration, deliver them naloxone if to be had, then name g911.  If the character is awake and has no signs and symptoms, name a poison and manae middle proper away. US citizens can name their nearby poison control middle at 1-800-222-1222. Canada citizens can name a provincial poison control centre. Symptoms of overdose might also additionally consist of: sluggish/shallow respiration, sluggish heartbeat, coma.

Missed Doses:

If you take this medicinal drug on an ordinary time table and pass over a dose, take it as quickly as you remember. If it’s far close to the time of the following dose, pass the neglected dose.

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