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India produces a variety of spices owing to the different climatic conditions in different parts of the country. Spices are aromatic vegetable products that come from various parts of plants. You can buy bulk Indian spices online in different forms including whole, chopped, ground, roasted, saluted, fried, and even as various toppings. Indian spices can blend food to help extract the nutrients and bind them into an appetizing form.

You can feel a toxic aroma while spices are added to the oil when your mom is preparing food for you. The crackling sound of whole spices roasting in the oil is a call to have and enjoy your food.

Using Indian Spices                                

Spices can be added at the end of preparing a dish so as to savor their flavor, or can be used before a dish preparation. Usually, lighter spices are added last, while spices with stronger flavor should be considered adding first. Most Indian curries are prepared with several spices blended together to provide each dish with a unique taste. A small shift in cooking technique and change in a spice mix can result in the same flavoring taste as entirely different. Even changing the order in which the spices are used can alter the taste of Indian curries.

Use of Spices in Indian Food

To cook an Indian-style curry you can buy bulk Indian spices online and can use spices with various techniques. Each of the methods provides a distinguished taste to a dish.

Marinating: This process usually involves yogurt or other ingredients, plus a blend of spices. Many popular Indian dishes are associated with marinating and are prepared only following this process. For example, butter chicken, paneer tikka, and other classic dishes are prepared by marinating with acidic ingredients along with adding some spices including turmeric, garam masala, cardamom, coriander, cumin, and others.

Frying in Oil: This process includes frying spices in oil either slowly or quickly. Different dishes are prepared by frying the spices to infuse the oil with flavors. You can try frying at a low to medium temperature for 10-20 minutes in a pan with some oil or ghee, or can even fry for 10-30 seconds at a medium-high heat as per the requirement of a dish. However, it is critical to take care that the spices do not get burned.

Frying with Onions and Vegetables: Usually, Indian dishes are prepared by frying spices along with onions or other vegetables. Onion is mostly added after the oil is infused with spice flavor. Along with onions, consider adding ginger, garlic, leeks, and green chilies, and sought them with spices such as garam masala, cardamom, coriander, black pepper, cloves, bay leaves, etc.  

Spices with Sauce: Some of the Indian dishes are prepared by adding sauce ingredients including coconut milk, dairy milk, fresh cream, tomato sauce, and tomato paste. Adding spices while preparing sauce adds up the flavor and the unique aroma. You can add spices like turmeric, paprika, and red chili powder to help balance the flavor of the dish prepared.


Contemporary to the belief that spices may upset your stomach, buying bulk Indian spices online and using them wisely can provide you with several health benefits. Indians have been using spices for a long time and know what they store.

Although the introduction of fast food has made us forget the use of Indian spices making them less important, all good chefs and food makers know the quality of Indian spices. They know how to season their dishes and provide that special flavor to their food while they buy bulk Indian spices online from vlc spices manufacturers

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