Using different technologies in the classroom is now one of the most integral parts of every classroom. This use of technology is not only helping students to understand the things in a better way but also keeping them motivated through the interactivity that technology adds in the classroom learning. Among all other wonders of technology, the internet is one thing which is producing more results.

Due to thousands of websites and other resources on the internet, this is now the first reference medium of every teacher or student in the classroom. But the question that arises here is that through which medium internet is helping us in fulfilling our needs of information. The answers vary but one medium through which we all are getting more benefits than other is blogging.

Blogging is one of the most commonly found media which is educating all of us. Blogging not only helping us in academics but also helping us in improving our skills like writing so we can write our own academic assignments and dissertations without taking any dissertation help. Apart from individual benefits, blogging is also benefiting the students in the classroom.

Benefits of Blogging in Classroom:

It depends on the teacher and instructor that how he or she uses the blogs. Blogging in the classroom can give numerous benefits to students out of which, some are listed below.

  • Keep Parents Informed: with the frequent use of blogs in the classroom, a teacher can keep the parents up-to-date about all the learning and academic activities conducting in the classroom.
  • Supplemental Learning Material: through blogs, teachers can easily store their lessons and all the other learning material which can also be used for the supplement learning content for the students in the absence of the teachers.
  • Display: via blogs, teachers can display the previous work of the students so not only the students can share their work with their juniors but also other people can know how great work students are doing in a particular teacher’s teaching.
  • Instant Feedback: Another benefit of using blogs in the classroom is that you can take instant feedback on the material. By allowing the students to comment on the blogs would let you know a number of understanding students have of the learning material.

How to Use Blogs:

You can only get the benefits of blogging if you utilize this medium well. Without using it to its potential, you will never be able to make it beneficial for the students and entire classroom. There are many ways through which the educators can use blogging in the classroom and can get benefits from it. Following are some of the ways through which you can implement the blogging in the classroom and can get the fruits to eat.