Benefits of wearing Safety Helmets

Many industries’ work environment bears the risk of physical injuries for the workers, and the most critical one is a head injury. It can be due to the impact of falling objects, or because of collision with fixed objects. Because of the nature of work activities, it is not always possible to completely eliminate such risks. So, the only way to keep the workers safe is by using proper safety helmets.

According to the survey by Health and Safety Executive (HSE), almost 47% of average injuries were from falls from a height, and 12% of injuries were due to the impact of moving, flying, or falling objects.

Know more about this PPE and understand its benefits.

What is a Safety Helmet?

Safety helmets are mandatory on almost all worksites and industries with manual working environments. These helmets are the most common form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It is made of the following components:

  • Shell – Usually made from polyethylene material

  • Harness – Inner harness is made of strips from polyethylene or as woven bands

  • Headband – It has an adjustment mechanism that can be adjusted according to wearing height

  • Chinstrap Helps the helmet to secure it at a proper place and absorbs sweat

Mallcom Yellow Ventilated Safety Helmet Diamond XIII with Chin Strap CH01STR

How does a Safety Helmet work?

Safety helmets have a hard shell that can handle a sudden impact. The inner harness provides a snug fit on the skull and enables cushioning between the inner of the shell and the head of a helmet wearer. There is also a chinstrap in many industrial helmets that holds the helmet in place, and also absorbs sweat. The ventilation pores over the surface of the helmet provide sufficient airflow while working for long hours is required.

All the parts of a safety helmet are governed by different safety standards and are tested for impacts, flammability, electric shocks, temperature, water penetration, and other safety measures. Good industrial safety helmets are easy to maintain, with all easily replaceable when worn out. Thus these are economical in the long run.

Udyogi 7000 LRX Ratchet Type Ventilated Helmet

Key Benefits of Wearing Safety Helmets

Apart from protecting your head, wearing a hard safety helmet offers various other benefits.

  1. They Protect You Against Head Injuries

Safety helmets are designed to protect our heads from various falling objects, debris, rain, electric shock, etc. Using these hard hats is absolutely necessary and is mandatory in many industries where there is a fear of head injuries because of falling objects. Since there is a large number of workers who suffer from fatal head injuries every year, safety helmets are a crucial feature at various workplaces and industrial sites.

Asian Loto Yellow Hard Helmet ALC-SH3 Pack of 5

2. Protection at Places of High Risk

Certain places bear a high risk of head injuries and need safety helmets with a satisfactory degree of protection. For example, mining and construction companies need high-performance industrial safety helmets consisting of a shell, headband, and good shock absorption properties. They must have protective paddings that can absorb sudden impacts and reduce further force transmissions, affecting the user’s head.

Saviour Hard Helmet HPSAV-THR

3. Different Colors for Identification Purposes

Many times safety helmets are supplied in various colors. Colour or a sticker can help signify different roles to the wearers on the sites. Although colors may vary from industry to industry, they offer the same purpose. For example when a supervisor is not familiar with the entire workforce, a different color helps them differentiate between a new employee and a senior worker. Similarly, an outside visitor can be offered a safety helmet with a different color specifying the workers for a visitor.

Prima Nape Strap Green Safety Helmet, PSH 01 (Pack of 10)

How to Select a Right Safety Helmet

While buying safety helmets, buyers need to have a clear understanding of all critical factors related and should ascertain the quality of the product. As per the EN 397 and EN 14052:2005 standards, all safety helmets need to comply with certain factors mentioned below:

  • They should be flame resistant
  • Resistance from sharp penetrations

  • Shock absorption of different intensities

  • Geometrical structural parameters

  • High-quality material to be utilized for shell production

Apart from meeting basic compliances, special purpose helmets should meet additional requirements for special industrial needs. These can be helmets with dielectric properties where there are more risks related to electric shock, or helmets with resistance to high temperatures, and even designed for resistance from molten metal splash.

A proper safety helmet should not be too large or too small in size. They need to fit the head properly. Most of these helmets are available in different sizes and have adjustable headbands. So, find a suitable size helmet ensuring a comfortable fitting.

Karam Polymer Ratchet Hard Helmet PN521 in Orange – Pack of 5

Why Buy Safety Helmets from Industrybuying?

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