All You Wanted to Know About a Laser Tape Measure

A laser tape measure is a device to measure distance indoors and outdoors with high accuracy. If you are a professional who needs to measure accurate distances in seconds, then consider adding a laser distance meter to your toolbox.

Leica 20 m or 66 Ft Laser Distance Meter Prexiso-P20

These handy little devices can save you tons of time, freeing you from pulling out an old tape measure and searching for assistance to hold one side of the tape. Now getting a measurement across is simple with the help of pushing a button. A laser tape measure can do much more than just measure a distance. Read further to understand how this laser tape distance meter provides you with various instant information and specific distance data.

Benefits of Laser Distance Meter, How to Use, and How to Buy a Best Laser Tape Measure

Benefits of Laser Tape Measure

• Accuracy: Laser distance meters measure distances accurately and instantly. You need not walk back and forth, trailing your tape behind you. Just point and shoot, and read the distance on the screen. These efficient tools are much faster and easier to read than counting the lines on a traditional tape. Moreover, they offer higher accuracy, as there is no chance of sagging or crooked tapes.

Leica Disto-D2 100 M Or 328 Ft Laser Distance Meter

• Ease of Use: Laser tape measures help you measure distances with a simple click of a button. You have to just point at the wall you want to measure distance, and the laser beam will tell you the total distance from the laser distance meter to that wall.

Bosch GLM 50C Laser Distance Meter 0.05-50 m

• Durability: These laser meters are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Most of these models work on an AAA-size battery pack. Other models are also available with an easy recharging option, where you can recharge them when the battery drains out. Good laser tape measures are also designed to withstand falls from height and strong vibrations from a machine.

Leica 60 m or 198 Ft Laser Distance Meter Disto-D110

How to Use a Laser Distance Meter

It is pretty simple to use this tool, and any layman can measure a distance with the help of a laser tape measure. You have to place the instrument at one end and aim the laser beam at a solid target like a wall or cabinet. If you can’t find a solid target, then consider placing a plastic target at the required distance to allow the laser beam to reflect. Now, press the button and the measured distance is displayed on your laser tape measure screen.

Leica 80 m or 264 Ft Laser Distance Meter Prexiso-P80

Apart from calculating distance, you can also use this tool to calculate areas and volumes by taking further measurements. There are many functions included in a laser tape measure that allow you to add, subtract, or calculate total area. As there are various models available on the Industry buying site, take your time before making a final choice.

Accuracy of a Laser Tape Measure Tool

Laser distance meters are more accurate than traditional tape measures. Their accuracy ranges from 1/8th of one inch to 1/4th of an inch when recording a distance up to 300 feet and also depends on the model you buy. These tools also give you measurements in multiple units allowing you to convert feet and inches or from fractional to decimal inches making your job easier. However, you can increase your accuracy level by holding a laser distance meter as steady as possible.

Makita 30 m Laser Distance Measure LD030P

Factors to Consider While Buying a Laser Distance Meter

Watch out for the following tips while buying your laser tape measure from Industry buying online platform.

• Range: The primary object of a laser measure is to measure distance. You have to determine in advance how much range is a perfect fit for your kind of job. Will you require a laser distance meter to measure small rooms or want to measure long distances, make all the difference for a suitable model of this tool. Some models can measure a distance of 50 feet, while others are capable of measuring more than 600 feet. So, your application is the best judge when choosing a suitable model for this gadget.

• Size: Although most laser distance meters are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but you can also find bigger models. Check out the size of a model you have shortlisted and finalize it as per your need.

• Screen Backlight: You will also find laser distance meters with a backlight to help you work in dark or dim light conditions. In case your work involves working during daytime only, then you don’t particularly need a backlight screen.

• Batteries: Different models of laser tape measure work on different types of batteries. Find out a laser meter with batteries that are readily available. For example, a laser distance meter may run on AAA batteries which are readily available in the market.
Many brands of laser meters offer an in-built battery that can be charged at your convenience. However, pay attention to the time this tool works when charged fully.

• Dust and Water Resistant: Laser tape measures need to work more on construction sites or outdoors. So, water and dust resistant model is a preferable choice.

SNDWAY Range 5-800 m Handheld Laser Distance Meter Telescope SW800

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