Punjab is one of the most developed states in India. The building construction too reflects this in the way they use the best and advanced material for their buildings. One material that is indispensable in building construction is plaster of Paris.
Very versatile material
When we talk about finishing, we talk about plaster of Paris. When we mention figurines in the garden, we talk about plaster of Paris. This versatile material has admirable construction properties that helps builders use it for a variety of purposes. You can see the many uses of the plaster of Paris in Punjab in their buildings.
Though Plaster of Paris (POP) seems harmless, it can cause third degree burns if one does adhere to the safety practices. The POP is a hazardous material which you should not inhale due to its toxic nature. You must use proper professionals and handle it using the proper material always.
Use as boards in construction
The most widespread use of POP is in building construction. It finds use for holding ornamental plaster work used decoratively in place above doorways and in windows and in eaves. You use it along with glass fibres in mouldings and slabs false ceiling, and ceiling board, and as partition boards. When used as a plaster board, the POP is cast in between two cardboard layers that have decorations on both sides. This is used decoratively and as a partition board.
The larger use of POP is in mouldings. Since the nature of POP is to remain without cracks and shrinkage upon drying, sculptors, therapists, and interior decorators use it to make mouldings. In addition, POP allows to make intricate and detailed architecture. This allows them to be made into naturalistic and geometric designs simulating beauty and other related entries in buildings.
Fireproofing properties
More importantly, Plaster of Paris finds use in fireproofing because POP releases heat when set. Next, it releases vapour and this makes it ideal for use as an insulation material. It can stop fire for an hour or so. This way, it prevents the heat from damaging the other steel and structural elements of the building from melting and collapsing due to heat.
You have many POP Dealers in Punjab who supply the material. Each have their own criterion for the manufacture. The way to get the best POP is to check the sample for strength, whiteness, and residue. If it follows the industry norms, then they are of good quality. They must have a tensile strength of 6.5 kg/cm at least and show a setting time of 15-20 minutes. The whiteness must be at least 65-70% and the residue less than 5% in a standard sample.
To summarize, the advantages of POP lie in its light weight, low thermal conductivity, good fire resistant properties, and good workability when mixed with water for building construction. After drying it resists knocks and has good adhesion for fibrous materials.
You should watch it when you use POP in places where there is water since it dissolves in water to a slight extent. It is costlier too and you must use skilled labour to work with POP.