One of the most classic and timeless looks you can create in a home is the old-fashioned picture rail. They used to be all the rage and there’s a renewed interest in them now following a surge in renovating.

Made from wood or moulding picture rails were placed horizontally on the wall, just a short distance down from the ceiling. The rails were designed with a lip to take a picture hook. The idea was that you could hang artwork without damaging the walls. When you think about it, this was the predecessor to the art hanging systems used in galleries.

Perfect For Heavy Artwork

Picture rails were capable of holding great weights. Just picture the huge ornate mirrors and tapestries that used to hang in the grand old houses. Imagine trying to hang one of those with a hardware store-bought hook!

Modern day use of original picture rails often ends in disaster. Not really understanding how the traditional picture rail system functions, some homeowners hammer nails into the rail and hang their picture on that. Of course, not being designed for that, the nail generally comes loose, dropping the artwork onto whatever is below.

That is until one very smart company came up with an innovative new picture hanging rail system.

Modern Hanging System

The traditional picture rail system from Gallery Systems allows you to use the rail in the correct way. However, it also gives you all the advantages of a modern hanging system. Simply choose from traditional solid brass or stainless steel picture rail hooks. You’ll also need the traditional picture rail hangers.

The hooks go over the lip in the traditional way and then you attach the hangers. Combined with smaller adjustable hooks to hold the artwork, you have old-fashioned charm plus all mod cons. The artwork hangs flat against the wall, thus avoiding the forward lean caused by the old design.

Interestingly, you can now buy new picture rails and mouldings to add charm and authenticity to your older-style home. They really add character and visual interest to a room. And, with the Galley System, you know you can easily obtain the hooks and hangers.

Many Advantages

Picture rails offer many advantages. They allow you to quickly and easily move artwork around to create a new look. Whether you’re changing an entire display or just an individual piece, you can do so without creating ugly holes in the wall.

Whilst ideal for older homes picture rails can also be used to add a twist to contemporary homes. And because the rail goes right around the room, you can even hang pieces above windows and doorways.

In a smaller home, you can hang multiple pictures on one wall by extending the picture hangers. Alternatively, when faced with huge walls, pictures rails, architraves and dado rails can help break up space.

A picture rail system is particularly great if you want to hang something really big, like an antique rug. With so many great uses and options, why not consider adding a picture rail to your home?