Hong Kong has the best first impression like no other place that any of you will ever visit. It is known for its great kitchens, well conserved environment, iconic skyline and a strong cultures or traditions that are highly valued. When you get to Hong Kong there are various places that you just have to visit and foods that you have to eat. This is the joy of visiting Hong Kong.

Where to eat in Hong Kong;

It is quite expensive to eat in the hotels, I took a tour in the city where we got to be showed where we were going to have our meals at a cheaper cost. They may be local joints but the food was so delicious. I got to take the wonton noodle soup, egg tarts, Hong Kong waffles but the king of all the foods is Dim Sum Square. Other options include; har gow (steamed shrimp dumplings), char Siu baau (barbequed pork buns) and turnip cakes.

Tim Ho Wan is the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant make sure you eat at this place make sure you try out the different cuisines.
Try out the populary known tea in Hong Kong. Tea is mostly taken at around 2 p.m. where you will get to see people queue at the lobby of the Peninsula. The tea is very traditional.

Get to sip some top-notch cocktails at various bars. Visit Aberdeen Street Social for the garden-fresh cocktails made with herbs and are well balanced. Quinary is a must visit place for cocktails that are well crafted with liquid nitrogen.
The places I visited included:

Victoria Peak:

It is one of the best places to take pictures because you can have a clear view of the Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbour. You can get to the top via the peak tram, it is quite fun to ride on a world’s steepest funicular railway.

Star ferry:

You cannot miss a ride on this ferry. It carries people across Victoria Harbour. I got to have a boat ride while watching the skylines on both sides of water.

Tian Tan Buddha:

This is a tourist attraction as it has a bronze statue. When you hop on Ngong Ping 360 gondola. I got to have a clear view of South China Sea and North Lantau Country Park.

Street market:

The markets are divided into many categories. The ladies market only sells cloths and accessories, temple street night market where you will noodles and watches, electronics are known to be found in the Apliu Market, Yuen Street has the best sneakers. The rest are markets that have a specific stuffs like flowers, kitchenware, birds, jade and many more.

Do not forget to treat and spoil yourself at a spa where you will get massages of a lifetime. There are plenty of Hong Kong massage parlors all-round the city. Get a back massage and a foot massage to make you relax a bit after a long walk in the city. Spas are found in the big hotels like the Oriental Spa, get a the popular pedicure.