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Hospitals are pretty terrifying regardless you are a child or an adult. This place welcomes a new life with all the joy available on earth, at the same time it bids goodbye gathering all the sorrows that a heart can ever bear. Growing up doesn’t really helps the “feeling” that associates with hospitals. For a child, it can be the place from the worst nightmares. But thanks to Toca Boca who released a new gaming app on 13th of April, which will create a positive bonding between children and hospitals. It can eventually reduce the fear of hospitals that children are used to get every now and then.

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Toca Life: Hospital is an app which provides the experience of a busy life inside the hospital to the children who plays it. This gaming app can change the perception about hospitals from terrifying to fun as kids start to play and get to know the activities and rush that remains constantly in a medical center. Kids can play and learn at their own pace and thus increase their comfort and knowledge regarding a hospital. They can use various tools like checking patient’s vitals, gurneys and wheelchairs for checkups and assistance.

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The app looks like a virtual dollhouse and contains all the real life equipment those are used in hospitals so that children get to know their functions and become well acquainted with machines. This association helps to reduce the endless fear of machines and tools of hospitals and they become more comfortable when they are confronted in real life. Various emotions related with hospitals are also being introduced to children through this game. They can welcome a new born baby in the hospital and watch the other staffs act cheerful for the event. Children can also treat sick people through this game and eventually will learn to say goodbye to any patient who was been in the hospital for a few days. This gaming app will make kids see the hospital from a whole new perspective which was quite impossible otherwise. Deadly places for children like operation theaters or medical supply storage or surgery are also brought into the limelight so that they can know what happens in there before they actually need to face someday. They can roam around different floors of the hospital and stop by the canteen to buy themselves a cup of coffee or drink.

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Toca Life: Hospital is a game that brings children close to the real life activities and responsibilities. Besides all these, it makes them realize that hospital is no place to get afraid of; instead all you need is care and love for others in a hospital. They also know every corner of a hospital which used to make them frightened earlier. During the launch of Toca Life: Hospital, Toca Boca representatives visited some hospitals in Brooklyn to record the feedbacks from kids after playing this amazing game.

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Toca Boca is a play studio which creates apps for children to encourage them learning through playing. There is a series of games which are already published by Toca Boca which are intended to provide the fun and joy of playing. Games launched by them don’t have any hard and fast rules, no levels, no points or anything that can pressurize the tinny tiny brains of kids. There is only fun of playing games and children can explore the world around them through the games. Kids become their own instructor and can apply their creativity while playing. They create their own set of actions are gain the experience accordingly. Toca Boca believes that the apps they create help kids to shape themselves for the challenges they are going to face afterwards. Games like this can make children creative, collaborative and enhances their power of problem solving from a very early age.