A Guide for Buying the Right Tile Cutter

You need a good tool if you want to update or restructure your flooring or wall tiles. But getting your space to look exactly what you imagined needs the right tools along with good imagination.

Stanley 1200W Tile Cutter, STSP110

Whether you are a contractor, a homeowner, etc., possessing the right tools is necessary to do your work professionally. Choosing a suitable tile cutter or a heavy-duty marble cutter can be challenging when an increasingly wide range of models is available in the market.

Nowadays, there are a variety of tiles ranging from hard porcelain and large format tiles to mixed mosaics composed of small tiles of marble, metal, glass and various other materials. Cutting these new sets of materials properly is not very simple and requires skills. Most often, while cutting these tiles, they are often damaged, which results in spending the extra money to replace them or laying the partially damaged tiles in less visible areas of the floors or walls.

If you want to know how to choose an appropriate tile cutter and what to pay more attention to while making your choice, go through his article till the end.

KPT Tile Cutter KM4SA 1200W

Choosing the Right Types of Tile Cutter and Types

What is a Tile Cutter?

A tile cutter is basically a tool that requires less power and can cut through light and heavy tiles with ease. It is simple to use and can be operated single-handed. Another type of tool available in the market is known as a tile saw, which is also used for cutting tiles and marbles. It uses a diamond blade to help cut tiles. These instruments generate a lot of heat while in operation, and thus need a water reservoir that sprays on the blade and tile to help keep them cool. However, tile saws are more suited to cutting thick marble tiles.

KPT 1200W 12000rpm Tile Cutter KM4SA

Types of Tile Cutter

There are two types of models available in the market that can cut tiles. These are manual and electric.

• Manual Tile Cutters: These cutters are good when small jobs are required to be cut. These tools are more affordable than other variants present in the market. Smaller jobs may need precision cutting many times and also may require cutting delicate tiles. A manual tile cutter is the best fit for these types of jobs. Manual tile cutters are usually made of steel and a tungsten carbide cutting wheel and are perfect for small jobs only.

Ingco Tile Cutter, HTC04600

• Electric Tile Cutters: Electric cutters are more appropriate tools when you want to operate on bigger cutting jobs. They have more power and can cut through thick and heavy tiles, even the hard tiles made of a much stronger material like stone or granite. Electric tile cutters can cut lines in various shapes other than simple straight or diagonal lines, which is not possible with a manual tile cutter. These cutters are appropriate for big projects or when working is required with ease.

Eastman EMC-110P 12000 RPM Round Body Marble Cutter

How to Choose a Best Tile Cutter

Consider the following factors while going through various models of tile cutters on the Industry buying website.

• Determine the Size of a Tile Cutter: One of the prime factors to consider while choosing a tile cutter is the size. A cutter must be of correct length depending on the size of the tile. You can use a large tile cutter for small tiles but definitely not the other way round. Moreover, a tile cutter needs to be strong enough to complete the job efficiently and should cut fast.

Makita 400 mm (16″) 81 mL 2-Stroke Power Cutter EK8100

• Choose a Tile Cutter Based on the Material to be cut: As a thumb rule, the more challenging the material needs to be cut, the stronger a tile cutter must be. For instance, if you need to cut a ceramic or porcelain, you can consider buying an average quality tile cutter, as it doesn’t need more power. But, when working on granite or stone is required, then a tile cutter must be heavy-duty as these stones are extremely hard.

Planet Power EC4 Pr. Green Marble Cutter

• Consider Tile Cutter Accessories: There are a variety of brands available in the market, and every manufacturer offers additional features like accessories to help sell more number of tile cutters or even marble cutters. For example, you can find alternate carbide cutting wheels along with the primary tool. Some brands also offer carrying cases, nippers, tile scribers, rubber mats, tile cutter maintenance kits, and various other items. Some models may even include cutting accessories as standard.

IB Basics Combo of PMC 4SB Marble Cutter with Blade

• Cutting Precision: One of the biggest challenges is cutting glass tiles or mosaics. These tiles are very fragile, and cutting through them always bears a high risk of cracking. Moreover, many decorative tiles are back painted. This paint may get damaged during the cutting process, thus causing unaesthetic visible chips. So, while dealing with these types of tiles, it is critical to use the right precisions tools and adopt the correct cutting technique.

Moreover, while cutting a back-painted glass tile, you can try to cut the tile upside down in order to prevent the chipping at the back. When you require cutting more of glass or fragile tiles, then consider choosing a tile cutter machine that offers the highest precision cutting standards.

SuperTech 1240W 125 mm Size Marble Cutter – SMC3-125


Tile cutters are power tools and are time-saving gadgets. Industry buying offers a wide variety of quality power tools online. Apart from various types of tile cutters and marble cutters, you can Industry buying covers almost all kinds of tools for your unique needs. You can even check reviews of a product before making your final purchase, as Industry buying is a transparent platform for its users.

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