A Complete Know-How on Industrial Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes are an integral part of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and are used in many industrial and manufacturing industries. It ensures the safety and protects workers, contractors, employees, and others against workplace hazards.

Just for a short information about our foot, a human foot contains 26 bones, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles, making it quite prone to injury. Wearing the right kind of industrial safety shoes can very well avoid common injuries to the foot.

Safari Pro Safex 8 No. Black Steel Toe Safety shoes

Safety shoes are true to their names and are specifically designed to keep your feet safe while working in various industries. This footwear can protect your entire foot, including the toes, sole, and ankle, with the help of a specially crafted safety design. Some of the most common forms where safety shoes can protect you are:

  • The impact of heavy equipment hurts your foot while falling on the ground
  • Sharp objects that may fall on your foot or when you accidentally step on them
  • Absorption of water, oil or other hazardous liquid when they accidentally fall on the safety shoes
  • Prevention from static electric currents
  • Extreme temperatures

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Use of Safety Shoes, Features, Types, and How to Select a Good Pair of Industrial Safety Shoes.

Why Wear Safety Shoes?

As per the surveys, almost 7% of the wounds caused by workplace accidents are foot injuries. Thus the use of safety shoes becomes essential. Employees need to wear these shoes while working in high-risk areas.

Safety shoes are designed to protect the user’s feet in case of a workplace accident. These safety gears protect employees from dangers of injuries that can cause by sharp objects, extremes in temperature, absorption of liquids, including chemicals, water, etc., and falling of heavy objects. However, there are also electrostatic shoes that help protect electronic components from electrostatic discharges.

Bata Industrials PVC Gumboot Safety Shoes Steel Toe Rhino (802-6224) Size 8

Features of Safety Shoes

Apart from steel toe caps, many other safety features of industrial safety shoes ensure the safety of the people at the workplace. The main features can be listed below:

  • Steel Toe Caps: These protect toes from accidental impacts of heavy objects and can even withstand an impact of up to 20 kg.
  • Compression Protection: It protects against sudden impacts and can withstand almost 1.5 tonnes resting on the toe area.
  • Padded Collar and Tongue: Padded collars provide excellent support to the ankles, and safety, while the tongue offers protection from various objects.
  • Penetration Mid-Sole: This prevents sharp objects from penetrating the safety boots and hurting your sole.
  • Slip-resistant Sole: Soles of safety shoes are slip-resistant and help you balance on slippery surfaces.
  • Heat Resistant: Although industrial safety shoes are heat resistant to temperatures of up to 300 degrees centigrade, they may differ across different shoes.
  • Breathable Lining: Safety shoes are designed with breathable lining to prevent your feet from getting too hot.
  • Chemical Resistant: Safety shoes are also resistant to acids, alkalis, chemicals, hot water, and other hazardous substances.
  • Shock Absorbing:  A shock-absorbing heel ensures a secure fit and provides a comfortable working in various industrial environments.

Allen Cooper AC 1116 Steel Toe Black Safety Shoes, Size 10

Types of Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes can be categorized as:

  • Safety Boots: They provide a protective covering to the feet and insulation from extreme temperatures. They are also resistant to penetration. Most safety shoes, like Allen Cooper safety shoes, come with steel toe caps to protect the wearer’s toe. However, there is a popular misconception that steel toe caps make shoes heavy and uncomfortable to wear. But this is false, as most safety shoes are designed to make them comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • PVC Safety Shoes: Polyvinyl Chloride safety shoes provide better resistance against a wide range of industrial chemicals and come with an anti-slip sole.
  • Rubber Boots: These boots are up to knee-length and are ideal where working in damp conditions is required.

ArmaDuro AD1006 Suede Leather Steel Toe Tan Safety Shoes, Size: 9

How to Select a Good Pair of Industrial Safety Shoes?

It can be hard to decide the type of safety shoe ideal for your work environment. Follow the tips below to help you select the right kind of shoes.

1. Risk Assessment: Understand your work requirement and conduct a risk assessment to help ascertain safety footwear requirements. For example, if your job includes mechanical and maintenance workshops, your obvious choice should boot with steel caps. Similarly, chemical-resistant shoes are best for those working in chemical industries.

2. Industrial Safety Shoes Fitting: Right size footwear is another factor to consider. Ensure that shoes offer a sturdy heel space and do not slip while walking.

3. Sole Type: Selecting a right sole is of utmost importance for various heat exposure levels. Selection of sole widely depends on the nature of your work.

4. Shoe Selection by Safety Category: Safety shoes are specifically designed to protect the upper part of the feet, like Allen Cooper safety shoes. They reduce the risk of foot injuries. You can select a pair of safety shoes according to the level of safety required. You may need an electric-resistant shoe, a metal instep shoe, a slip-resistant shoe, a shoe with a steel toe, and various other types of safety measures required.

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Safety shoes are mainly designed to prevent workplace-related injuries. The feet, one of our body’s most vulnerable parts, need extra care. Find the best industrial safety shoes at the Industry buying website. Industry buying offers the best deals on safety shoes, where you can order the most premium shoes within the comfort of your home. If you are also searching for other equipment related to your industry, try visiting Industry buying. Here you will find a range of products at the most competitive prices along with various offers.

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