Along with thousands of problems in human life, becoming unfit or having obesity as a permanent curse is one of the vital ones. World Health Organization (WHO) declared in 2008 that more than 35 percent of the whole population around the world is suffering from obesity. This study concluded with another scary result that 65 percent of these terrifically unfit people live in those countries where people die from obesity or from the complications given birth by obesity.



Apart from these horrible surveys, there is lot more that comes along with being unfit. People all around the world are getting increasingly concerned about their health facts and trying to keep themselves in shape. Being unfit is just not only the reason for physical complications, it is also responsible for mental trauma which increases depression and other mental illness as it goes untreated.

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There is a popular saying which says “prevention is better than cure”. As obesity has become one of the greatest health problems on earth, it will be witty if you prevent yourself from being a sufferer of unfit health than if you start to cure. Those who are still kind of fit should have a better plan to get more fit as days pass by rather than to wait to become fat and then start working for it. There are a number of sites which can show you the short cut and pretty simple steps which you can maintain as your daily routine to avoid unnecessary complications regarding your health. Here are a few tips which are quite easy to follow and don’t take much of your time from your busy schedule.


  1. Stop, Think and Rearrange

It will be insane to think that same routine and workouts are going to give you any different result and change your fitness. If you are irritated about your life, its time to stop going through the same shitty routine and plan for a different one which may give you some positive outcome. Change your food habits, be more concern about what you are eating, change your sleep cycle, put more workout in between the work breaks.

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  1. Keep Track of Your Intakes

As the second step you should train your brain to be a calorie meter itself. Keep good track what you are eating in the whole day. But before that you need to know how much calorie you should have in a whole day. The basic formula for calculating necessary calorie is;

Bodyweight X 10 = Total Calories per Day

So, if you weight 125lbs you will need to intake 1250 kcal/ day. Then you may distribute the total amount in different part of the day to have better result.
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  1. 5 Meals A Day!

It will sound like having food all around the day but this the simple trick to have healthy appetite and balanced food intake all around the day. In the previous step you figured out that how much calories you need to run your body, now it is time to allocate those calories in 5 portions in a specific and proper time around the clock.

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  1. Drink More

Initiating restricted calorie intake will make you feel hungry way too often. Drink water to rest your stomach in peace. Drinking more will also help your body to rinse out all the harmful components from your body and eventually you will feel fresh and light after a week.


  1. You are Your Nutritionist

Keeping track of food and calories associated with that is not that much of a hard work. It is obvious that the calorie that 250 ml of soda contains is just useless for your body. Fishes, especially sea fishes, boiled chicken and obviously veggies will keep you full for a longer time and also provide a good supply of balanced nutrition.


  1. Time for Some Workouts

When you have successfully maintained your food intakes according to calories needed, it is time for some workouts. Train yourself to have free hand exercise and small weight lifts rather than jumping into high gymnastic moves. Starting with small steps will encourage you more.

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  1. Motivations

You are the one who can motivate yourself enough to stick to your healthy diet and proper workouts. You can join gym for regularity and keep yourself challenging for weight loss. Plan time duration for losing weight and celebrate when you attain your goal!