Running your first marathon is one hell of an experience. It is filled with lots of experience and guidance. Joining a marathon can be daunting and you have to prepare properly, consuming your time to device training plan that suits you. In order to help you out, here are some of the effective tips you should materialize as a newbie in the marathon world:

Join a half marathon first.

You are very much welcome to join a marathon as your first race, but it is mostly recommended that you have joined a running event previously. A half marathon is perfectly matched for you as warm up exercise leading to the race, allowing you to set a target time for the full distance.

Select a training plan that fits your lifestyle needs.

As you prepare for the marathon, you can find a lot of training plans, and the first place you can check is the world wide web with its various articles from experts. Yes, check some potential training plans online. There are free tutorials and videos on how to do it and suggestions you might want to take. Choose a plan that will fit your current lifestyle, and choose to stick with it. Decide whether you going to need a fitness equipment or not. Select a schedule that will perfectly fit your routine and does not affect your other activities like work and home chores.

Take it easy with training plan.

When starting with your training plan, make it a goal to properly build your strength slowly. As much as possible, avoid running too quickly, exhausting yourself with too many miles. Do not be too hard on yourself. Remember that you are just starting to prepare for your first marathon. You should take time to practice and make cautious approach that suits your body needs. You can start this with run-walk-run phase, so your body can adapt the long-running approach.

Execute a proper warm up.

Proper warm up is needed on race day itself, helping you to achieve your target time. Before reaching starting line, you must do 10 minutes of very light jogging and then five minutes of dynamic stretching.

Do not stress yourself.

You should arrive at the marathon place one hour before it begins. It will give you an ample time to check your gear, use bathrooms, do warm up, and get into the starting area on time. In marathon events, expect a lot of people and their cars finding a parking place can be time consuming, so prepare to be early to avoid this kind of stress. At the starting line, focus your eyes on the course and start the mental game plan to calm your nerves and readying your mind for a long run.

Have fun in the run.

You should have fun, thinking that you do it for your own satisfaction. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you should enjoy it since it is your first time to join and savor the moment.

Go out and break a sweat through your first marathon!