The things that we do on daily basis are basically a mix of different, small activities that combine to form a complete work day and makes us more productive, happier and successful. So, considering those in mind, I opted to create this piece that will serve as a 6 step plan to boost your daily productivity at your workplaces.


Help someone today

Eric Barkey, a famous productivity writer interviewed the Wharton Business School professor Mr. Adam Grant for his book “give and take.” An interesting thought that was shared in the interview was, “people who help others not only feel happier but they make the most successful people in this world.”

A slight issue that most people may have with helping others is that it seems like a huge task. People find it very hard to approach the issue without hurting their current team status or being over stressed. Here are the tips that will help you:

  • Just help out anyone you seem in distress around you. A little commitment to goodness, every day will create loads of difference in anyone’s life.
  • Pre-decide a time which you are going to spend in helping other, let’s say 100 hours and try to complete that within the stipulated time.

In project management situations, you can do it by aligning tasks for someone, usually done through an online task management tool like TaskQue, but smaller organizations might as well need hand support.


Develop a daily routine

Start being productive by making a daily routine. An outline of the tasks you are going to accomplish in a workday. Nearly all famous entrepreneurs and productivity writers have written in favor of creating and maintaining a daily routine. Creating a list of items that you will do daily, for a longer period of time work wonders in creating a balance in your work life, thus allowing you to achieve more. You can do that by starting with setting an alarm, followed by allotting few minutes to review your day is probably the best ways to stick to your daily routine. Lastly, do not frustrated when you don’t achieve something that is there on your list.


Don’t do the same mistake, twice

During a busy day, we often ten to pile things up and in the rush we miss out on re-checking the task we just completed, leaving behind mistakes. Small, silly mistakes are part of everyone’s everyday work life, but no one is encouraged to repeat the same mistakes. Repeating mistakes throw a very negative image of you as an irresponsible worker to your bosses, resulting in workplace issues that may lead to an uncomfortable situation for the employee and the employer.


Don’t forget to take breaks

It is proved by a study conducted at Harvard that, we have a biological clock that is located in our brain. The cells keep working in that part of the brain and regulate vital physiological functions happening in our body, like blood pressure maintenance, secretion of digestive juices, body temperature maintenance and so on. An afternoon power nap accommodates the biological clock and helps in keeping these physiological functions at the place. The optimal nap time is about 20-30 minutes only.


List all your tasks in a journal

And in contrast, you can also use an online task management tool to manage your daily task without missing out on any. Jotting down tasks of managing them through a software is necessary due to the rush of work that an employee of today gets in his daily work life. By having a clearer picture of tasks that need to be completed in a day, makes it easier for him to manage time for each of them.


Learn to say “no”

Agreeing to work on every task that comes your way does seem like a good practice, however, it’s not. Agreeing to work on every task means that you are going to overburden your shoulders and you might even fail in completing each of them in the stipulated time, resulting in a bad impression in front of your high-ups. A polite ‘no’ makes life much easier. When your daily task bucket is already full, refusing a task is no biggie and responsible employers of today also appreciate such transparent behavior of their workers.

So, this is the 6 step productivity plan for you to work on and experience increase productivity and mental alertness at work. For more information regarding the increase in productivity, especially work places, please stay tuned.