Are you an avid hunter who doesn’t have a companion to go for hunting spree? If yes, then that’s really sad! I can totally feel you because even I had to go for solo-hunting sprees. But then, one of my good friends gave me a brilliant idea, she said, “So what if your family members and other friends aren’t interested in hunting? Bring home a true hunter, a hound dog.” After getting this idea from her, I jumped with joy and I didn’t even wait for a second to think whether I should adopt one or not. I immediately visited a dog adoption center and brought home a beagle, and named it Casper. Now, he is 1 year old and he already accompanies me for hunting, and that too every Sunday. And I must say one thing, he is an amazing hunter. So, I think you should visit a pet adoption center as well, and bring home a hound dog, preferably a beagle.

Now you might wonder, why am I suggesting you to adopt a beagle, when there are so many other hound dogs available, right? Well then, here are some reasons that you must go through. I’m pretty sure these points would convince you to adopt a cute little beagle.

  • They are Always Active: You don’t want to adopt a dog that moves like a sloth and sits like a couch potato, right? So, in that case, it’ll be great if you adopt a beagle because they are super active throughout the day. From playing run and fetch to doing exercises, they will do it all! And trust me, you don’t even have to convince them to indulge in any physical activity.
  • They are Obedient and Good Learners: I cannot deny the fact that beagles are the naughtiest of all hound doggies. But yes, when it comes to learning the tricks of hunting, they are absolutely obedient and of course, quick learners. Start training them when they are 3 months old and by the time they turn 1 year old, you’ll see that they have already grown into expert hunters.
  • They Can Take Care of Themselves: There are only a handful of hound dogs that can take care of themselves when left alone at And, beagles are certainly one of them. Yes, they have the capability of taking care of themselves, even if you stay out of the house for more than five-six hours. But yes, you need to train them to stay alone, right from a tender age.
  • They are Absolutely Friendly: Yes, that’s right! Beagles are very friendly and welcoming pooches. Unlike the other dogs, they won’t see a stranger and keep barking out of skepticism. Therefore, your relatives and friends don’t have to give a second thought before visiting your home.
  • They Can Sense Your Mood: When compared to the other hound dogs, beagles are any day more sensitive. If they sense that you are feeling low or crying, they’ll come running to you for giving comfort. And trust me, once you see their deep and thoughtful eyes, you’ll instantly forget all your sorrows, worries and pains.
  • They Can Guard Your Home: No, beagles are certainly not guard dogs; they belong to the hunting dog breeds. But, since they are known for their “loudmouth”, they can easily guard your home. The moment they see or sense some “strange things” going in and around the home, they’ll start barking loud and alert you and your family members about it. But yes, one thing I have to admit, it’ll be a little hard to calm them down.

Now, after reading these points, don’t you think you should adopt a beagle pup? If yes, then waste no more time and adopt one immediately!