Do you want better health? Look to your spine!

Did you know that wherever you go, your spine goes with you?

Of course you did!

But seriously, whatever life throws at you, your back is there to carry you through it and all of us should pay more attention to our spinal health than we do. Fear not, for this article is going to make it easy for you to give your spine all the care it deserves, while helping to prevent future back pain.

Note: if you do experience regular lower back pain, why not see how a chiropractor help with this condition.



1) How you sleep can be the biggest asset or detriment to your spinal health. Finding the right mattress to help you sleep, with the appropriate firmness and height will help your spine to recover from the long days of sitting at a computer or other workstation, from improper posture, and from injuries sustained via your daily activities (sports, accidents, etc.)

Getting a good and sound sleep will allow your body to recover faster and will work to prevent future injury.


2) Posture

The back of zen: Proper posture will ease your back pain. Many people have poor posture and it’s an easy (bad) habit to fall into. We all do it. After hours in front of the computer, some slouching is bound to occur.

Fortunately, the solution is as easy as a trip to the office watercooler, every 30 minutes! And if you add in a bit of stretching, you’ve nailed it. Congrats to you! Your back is getting better already.

It will help you to know that your spinal discs are under x3 times the pressure when you’re sitting, as compared to when you’re standing. Sitting for long periods of time, even with perfect posture isn’t optimal for your spinal column, nor is it good for your circulatory system.

So, give your lumbar discs a break, and take the long route to the watercooler and try to stretch a bit on the way there and back. It’ll only do you good.


3) On Your Feet, Soldier!

So far, we’ve covered sitting (proper posture) and sleeping (horizontal) and now we’ll cover standing, walking and running (vertical) spinal positions.

Whenever we’re in the vertical position, we’re on our feet. And if our feet aren’t aligned, our spine won’t be aligned. And that, my friends, is a prescription for a future bad back. Getting the right shoes, and in some cases, being fitted by a professional for shoe inserts which can make a huge difference in your spinal alignment.

Try to ensure that your shoes are a snug fit, but not too tight, as a good fit prevents pronation or supination of the feet.

4) Exercise your core body muscles

“Help me, to help you!” – your spine is trying to tell you.

And indeed, those people with strong and balanced core body muscles have lower incidences of back pain. Simple stretching and core body routines (go easy at first!) can really make a difference in your overall health and your spinal health. Don’t forget to do a proper warmup to prevent muscle pain.

Your Chiropractor can be of significant help here. Schedule a visit to your Doctor of Chiropractic for exercise suggestions at your next chiropractic treatment.


5) Massage your back troubles away!

If only it were that easy. However, in conjunction with the other points raised in this article, massage can help to improve circulation, improve endorphine production and assist the patient to feel better.

Certainly, if you’re doing #1 through #4, a regular massage routine can only help you to reach your goal of a healthy back and no back pain. And it can serve as a reward for doing all of the above steps week after week, and help you to stay on your plan.

Finally, consulting with your Chiropractor at your next treatment will help you to synergize your overall health programme and he/she will be able to fully inform you of the benefits of the above points.

In the quest for a high standard of overall health and spinal health in particular, your Doctor of Chiropractic has your back! Good health to you.