If you think you do not get appropriate services or products as the value you have paid for that. Is it in your mind then you can raise your queries to companies, sellers or service provider. For example, you have purchased a product from online consumer complaint website but you didn’t get that product as they show on their website or web portal. Most of the time customer get a defective item, wrong delivery of the item, poor quality product or services, late delivery of product or item and misleading customer by doing fake and attractive advertisement but you interact with their services then customer feel he/she is cheated by the company. It brings the critical issue for consumers or critical issue and looking for their solution of consumer complaints. Those customers as well as consumers who don’t have any idea how to resolve consumer complaints then I am sure this article will helpful for them. We are going to introduce 5 effective ways to resolve consumer complaints that definitely works.

Customer Support Service: There are many brand companies who are ready to help their consumers. They provide customer support services through chat box or customer care helpline number. You need to find the number of customer care helpline number of the company to interact with them. You can tell them your problem, and they will provide an effective solution of your complaint.

Use Power of Email: You need to find the email of the company. Write your email to the company regarding your dispute and tell them your problem. They will definitely reply your email with the solution. It is also helpful for you as a evidence of your consumer complaint.

Social Media: Social Media is a most popular platform where consumer companies making an online reputation of their brand. You contact them through a message, comment or using your post on their brand page. They will reply your comments or messages for the solution of your complaint. Facebook and Twitter are more effective to get a quick response to your complaint.

Online Consumer Forum: There are many consumer complaint website and online consumer forum where you can file consumer complaints against the companies for the resolution of consumer complaints. They will reduce your stress in resolving complaints and appropriate solution for your grievance. It helps to get a replacement, refund and return as soon as possible. If you are not satisfied with above solutions then it will work definitely and voxya, online consumer forum renowned for quick resolution of consumer complaints.

Consumer Court: Consumer court is a final option for all consumers who are a victim consumer fraud case. All consumer rights are protected by consumer court under consumer protection act 1986. A consumer can register their complaint in consumer court depending on the value of their grievance. If consumer case is below 10 lacs then it goes to District consumer court. If consumer case is between 10 lacs to 1 crore then it goes to State consumer court. If consumer case is above 1 crore then it goes to National Consumer Court in India. Filing consumer complaint in consumer court includes nominal fees depending upon the amount of case. A consumer will never get disappointed after filing consumer court. An online consumer forum like Voxya, helping consumers in approaching consumer court. They collect all documents and evidence and submit consumer court.

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