Shopping and Dubai is a match made in heaven! Once there, you just couldn’t resist indulging in the ultimate shopping spree. From clothes to jewellery and best of electronics, deals and prices have all it takes to pull buyers. Whether you’re a local resident, an expat or a traveller, shopping for electronics in Dubai is the best that you mightn’t experience even in the West.

An overview
Lined with malls and shops at every corner, Dubai is all abuzz with enthusiastic buyers especially those fond of gadgets and latest electronic equipment. Even if you’re visiting many different shops boasting advanced gadgets and all that geeky stuff, experience with each would be different so here’re a few to begin with;

1. Al-Fahidi Street
The entire Al-Fahidi Street is flooded with economic electronic shops where you can get your hands on simplest to most sophisticated gadget. Breaking it down to particular products, the best to buy here are computers, laptops, cameras, kitchen appliances, washing machines and general electronics. Be sure to check the voltage requirement on the package so that you may purchase the right stuff. Al-Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai is famous for electronics shopping!

2. E-City
Talking about the most successful chain of multi-brand electronics, E-City takes the lead and luckily you’ll find the store in every premium shopping hotspots across Dubai. A wide range of 100-plus electronic brands are available under one roof from computers and gaming equipment to consumer electronics, home appliances and smartphones.
E-City is region’s first technological convenience retail store that allow you to choose form a massive range of electronic products. Some of the biggest outlets are located in the Dubai Mall, Wahda Mall, Midrif City Centre and Mall of the Emirates.

3. Jacky’s Electronics
A worldwide acclaimed chain of electronics; Jacky’s Electronics offer some of the best gadgets under many different price tags for everyone’s convenience. Here you can find the latest technology in televisions, music and media systems, cable and satellite television accessories, telecommunication and digital media devices such as cameras and more. You can conveniently access the store at Ajman City Centre, The Dubai Mall and Nasser Square.

4. The Plug-Ins Electronix
Adding to the list of leading electronic and IT retailer in Dubai is Plug-Ins Electronix offering a pool of consumer electronics. With more than 350 brands to choose from, it’s indeed a powerhouse of the best gadgets and electronic products. The store experience itself is quite pleasurable with well-informed store representatives and exceptional customer services. Plug-Ins store is located in The Dubai Mall!

5. Jumbo Electronics
A crown jewel and a treasure trove for savvy electronic freaks; Jumbo Electronics is among the largest selling companies in the UAE. It proudly sinks itself into a pool of various products from the leading brands for smartphones, LED televisions, headphones, vacuum cleaners, smart devices, fitness gear and complete home theatre series. Here you can find super-savers combo to quench your thirst for the best electronics within budget.

Find some of the best electronics in Dubai at the places listed above!