body parts facts

From the very beginning of human’s existence humans are only working to survive. When they first invent the fire to when they discover Aliens, they are investing their time only to survive. Thus we grew a habit to ignore the most common things of our surroundings like we ignore our own body for which we are working all through this time. So let’s talk about some amazing facts about human body we are having with us all the time.

Fact 1: Heard about your tongue and finger, even your eye’s Retina has a unique pattern?  Well your hands have unique germs too.

Fact 2: Going to gym to have strong muscles? You can’t make them stronger than your tongue.

Fact 3: Your body has three steps defense system. One of them grows from colostrums (milky fluid secreted for the first day or two after parturition).

Fact 4: Your eyes can see things clearly from six meters distance. Between those eyes you have only 6.3cm gap to place your nose.

Fact 5: Can’t touch your nose with tongue? How about this? You also can’t swallow and breathe together because of your epiglottis.

Fact 6: We all owe our mother so much for carrying us in her womb for 9months. But we actually paid a bit with blood through our umbilical cord.

Fact 7: Smiling is good for heart and maybe for stomach too. As when we are blushing, our diaphragm (the line over stomach which separates the abdominal and thoracic cavities) blushes too.

Fact 8: Your kidney creates urine only 1centi-meter cube in just 1minute. But if you have diabetes it starts to process more urine.

Fact 9: We all know our biggest bone in the body is thigh bone or Femur. But the smallest one? It’s in your ear names Stapes which is only 0.1inch.

Fact 10: Your liver is the largest organ in your body and it creates most of the proteins for your body. Liver and stomach can renew their cells all themselves.

Fact 11: You have blood all over your body except Cornea, the outer most part of your eyes; it takes oxygen from the air itself.

Fact 12: Your whole body stops growing after a specific age, but ears and nose never stops growing.

Fact 13: Have you ever noticed you produce more saliva when you are about to puke?  It’s just because your salivary gland wants to save your teeth and tongue from the acidic effect of your stomach.

Fact 14: Not a big deal if you write with your right or left hand? Yes. It is a big deal as it determines in which hand you are going to grow your nails faster.

Fact 15: When you see your favorite person your pupil gets expanded and brain realizes enzyme names Oxytocin.

Fact 16: Your body naturally decreases the temperature of your body while you are asleep and if you are in a cold room it may cause you a nightmare.

Fact 17: Feeling pain in your body? Your brain gives the signals of pain but it itself doesn’t feel any.

Fact 18: Women have uterus, we all know that. But did you know men have uterus too?  It’s in their prostate gland and it’s so undeveloped that it’s cannot be seen.

Fact 19: Physical pain and the feeling of solitariness is get produced in the same part our brain which is called cerebral cortex.

Fact 20: Ate heart content but have to sleep? Lay down on your left it helps your stomach to produce enzymes faster.

Fact 21: We all know our cells get reform in every minute but our bones also regenerate themselves. Bones get a complete new crust in every 10years.

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So these are some apodictic facts which our body have but always been neglected by us. Our body itself helps us to survive against any kind of adversity of nature. So we should take care of our body to help it can complete its task because if we interrupt with our body nature it may cause us unwanted effect.