Akansha Sharma,ex big boss contestant and estranged wife of Yuvi’s younger brother Zoravar has recently came to limelight after alleging the Singh family on “Domestic Violence” grounds. While it was been quoted from her side that she was been harassed both “mentally” and “Physically”, there is another twist in the tale which will definitely leave you in shock stage. As been quoted by the Leading daily DNA, the divorce petition of the couple clearly confirms that whatever Akansha has said is a big lie. So let’s have a look at the main points of the same petition:

• It was clearly mentioned in the Divorce papers filed by the couple that neither dowry nor any gift or cash was taken by Singh family while Akansha and Zorawar tied the knot in Feb 2014.
• Even though the couple went on Honeymoon to Goa, Dubai, and Malaysia, Akansha suddenly got unwilled towards getting Physical with her Husband.
• Moreover, she also forced her Hubby Zorawar to get separated from his family and shift to Gurgaon where her parents live.
• Once the couple moved to Gurgaon, Akanksha started late night outings with friends and often used to return back home in Heavily Drunk condition. She also started taking Drugs in the process and got frustrated on her family and husband once they objected.
• Akansha’s also refused to visit marriage counselor to sort out her married life issues even when Yuvi tried to convince him for same.
• Due to the trauma, both Zorawar and Shabnam had to be admitted to the Fortis Memorial Research institute, Department of Emergency and Trauma Services, Gurgaon on July 4, 2014.
• Zorawar further said that Akansha did ‘force’ him to have alcohol and smoke cigarettes, which caused him distress!
• It also appeared that akansha instead harassed her in-laws for not been able to fulfill her Luxury demands.
• Akanksha often used to post offensive pictures of her to insult the family.
• Moreover, In order to harass her in-laws, she even threatened Zorawar that she would kill herself and would blame the whole singh family to be responsible for her suicide.